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Default 5 Men In 30 Minutes Challenge

Hey, I've got a new challenge that I've recently thought up, and I thought it would be cool to share it with everyone! It's called the 5 Men in 30 Minutes Challenge.

(If you are recording this for youtube, you CAN split it into two episodes if you wish, but it is intended to be completed in ONE.)

- In create a sim, make a female sim (can be Young Adult, Adult, or even Elder if that's what you want!)
- You CAN choose your own traits/aspiration but it's advised that you pick One of the Love Aspirations, and the Flirty/Outgoing traits!
- If you would like, you can create your five men now in your household, or you can place some all around the different neighbourhoods, or if you want to keep things simple, you can marry sims already in the neighbourhoods.
- Move the sim (s) into any house that you like (you can cheat ONLY here), as this isn't the main focus of the challenge.

(It is suggested you try to complete this as quickly as possible.)
- As soon as you are ready to start, set your timer for 30 minutes and begin!
- Find the first man you would like to marry ASAP, and start building a relationship with them.
- As soon as you have built a high enough relationship, ask to be their boyfriend, and then propose!
- Choose the interaction “Elope Immediately with …”.
- Once married, Divorce him straight away.
- Kick him out of the household and move on to the next man, repeating the previous steps.

If you managed to complete this challenge, then good job!! If you didn’t, then try again if you please!
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5th Mar 2017 at 5:43 AM
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Originally Posted by GrijzePilion
Seems like a challenge I'd do, if not for the fact that I'd need to have a female who doesn't immediately run off with another female. That's not easy in my game...

Hi Grijze! It's Simtown15 from The Sims forums!
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Originally Posted by letitgo1776
Hi Grijze! It's Simtown15 from The Sims forums!

Oh hi there!

Hypocrisy is only okay if I do it.
( Join my dumb Discord server if you're into the whole procrastination thing. But like, maybe tomorrow. )
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This sounds awesome. I'll have my cast up today.

Edit: My screenshots could have turned out better, so I'll spare you. I also epically failed.

I thought it would be funny to let the dumped guys keep on living in the house while I wooed the others. Sadly, this didn't stir up nearly as much drama as I hoped. They're one big happy harem.
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