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Default 23 kids challenge
so I created my own challenge and decided to share it in case anyone wanted to try it

a little backstory before I get started. I created this challenge when the household limit with mcc was 25.

ok so here are the rules

the goal of this challenge is to have your sim have 23 kids the challenge is complete when you've played at least one sim week with both parents and all 23 kids living in the house at the same time.

getting started:

first you must create two sims in cas you make them however you want as long as you don't use story mode and one of them can get the other pregnant.

then you must move them into a house you can pick any house and use free realestate if you want but no money cheats.


-your sim must have 23 kids and none can get taken away

-no cheats except free realestate so you can get a house for 23 kids and cheats that don't effect things like skills and money such as bb.moveobjects on.

-you can not age sims until you get a notification that its their birthday.

- no forcing labor or speeding up pregnancy you can use mcc to make pregnancy 2 days but that's it.

- you can adopted but if you do you must do wait the length of a pregnancy after a baby is born to adopt. ( for ex: if you have a baby and it takes 3 sim days to give birth wait 3 days after the birth to adopt)

-one of your sims must work from home until the oldest child is a teen.

-you can hire a butler for extra help but at least one parent or teen has to be on the home lot at all times so no daycare or nannies.

- you can pick your kids traits and have them look however you want

- no potions of youth or age cheats

- the challenge end if a child gets taken away

- you must have both parents and all 23 kids living together for at least a week to complete the challenge.
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