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Default 19 Kids and Counting Challenge
19 Kids and Counting Challenge

This is the 19 Kids and Counting Challenge! I've decided to do this because it is very similar to the 100 Baby Challenge. Why do I want it similar? Because your founder Sim has to have 19 children, not 100.

Creating Founder Sims
As you can see, I didn't just put "Sim". I put "Sims". That is because I tried this challenge out myself because I really wanted to do the 100 Baby Challenge, but I always end up deleting my household. So, I thought of this challenge in my head. I got inspiration to make this challenge from the television show, "19 Kids and Counting". Anyway, I created my founder sim, and thought, "This should be easier than the 100 Baby Challenge even more. Why not make a husband and a child?". So, I made my founder Sim and husband and a child. As the challenge is called "19 Kids and Counting", I decided that you didn't have to get in a relationship with one man and you don't have to have a child with a different man every time. The goal is to give birth to 19 children, but end up with 20 kids. So, I made a teen in CAS. That counts as your very first child.

As I said many times, the goal is to have 19 kids and end up with 20, since you already have a child.

-You cannot use money cheats, you can only get your sims a full time job or a part time job.
-You cannot create two children in CAS.
-You can play like the 100 Baby Challenge, just having 20 babies instead.

And that's pretty much it! I know it is a very short challenge, but I think it is pretty cool for starters!

Anyway, thank you for spending your time reading about this challenge. I hope you play it and get some pictures for me to look at!

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For an added challenge you could rule that only the teen may have a job and that no side income from gardening etc. is allowed.
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Do you mind if I remake the challenge for The Sims 3? It'd be awesome to play in both TS3 and TS4
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Default Modest start!
I like this idea, and know I simply don't have the patience for 100 kids. So 19 seems like a good figure... well 20.

So I started this challenge, but with a few caveats. Firstly I didn't start with a kid, I wanted to birth the full 20 (for added challenge). To make things tougher, I also incorporated Enki's idea and didn't give my sim a job. My sim Rae has been making money so far by selling paintings and children's books. Other slight variations include letting babies age up to children naturally, and only aging kids up when they get an A at school. The only cheat I have used was freerealestate to get her into a house. The bills and such she's been paying herself. No relationship mods, no extra money, nothing else.
So on with the modest pic-spam.

Things have been tough for my Rae; the first man she met and tried to woo (her neighbor Vincent) died in a house fire when she went to visit him and his wife... (yes, almost all the men in town are married because that's far more challenging than single guys!) Though she begged for his life he died and she was forced to start again by wooing the only other man she had met by this point; Tom.

For three days she has tried to get the man into her bed and he has rejected her every time even though they are best friends. So she moved on to the next guy she met, Jonathan. Despite the fact he too is married (and his wife Natalie brought over a fruitcake that Rae has been complaining about ever since XD), she successfully managed to woo him and fell pregnant in record time! After inviting him to the hospital (where he was tense and freaked out and seemingly left without even meeting his son), baby Henry Lee-Myers was born; the first of 20!

Henry should be aging up to child naturally soon, but Rae has already started trying to woo another neighbor Ian. He's not as receptive as Jonathan, sadly.
Sorry it's not much but just wanted to show you that someone had started! Thanks for the ideas!
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Originally Posted by GlitterForSimmers
19 Kids and Counting Challenge

Because your founder Sim has to have 19 children, not 100.

As you can see, I didn't just put "Sim". I put "Sims".


No. You definitely put "founder SIM," not "Sims."
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I'm going to do this!
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For an added challenge, try to make sure none of your sim's sons becomes a sexual predator. *coughcough* Did I say that out loud?

The secret ingredient is phone.
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Originally Posted by pikeman101
No. You definitely put "founder SIM," not "Sims."

Actually where it said "Creating Founder Sims" they did put "Sims" and I believe that is where they were talking about it.
No need to hate/be rude about it.
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Default i love this challenge!
i had no idea this challenge already existed i created a similar one also based on 19 kids and counting. i freaking love that show
i started with two sims (man and wife) instead of 3 and my goal for now is to raise at least 10 kids, but get them all married and moved into their own homes. since none of my female sims are gonna have jobs i'm gonna give the family money for every child they have. so just like the duggars they can profit off of having so many kids and their names are all going to start with the same letter just like the duggars.
yesterday eva (the wife) gave birth to her first son luke

i got so excited about this challenge that i even recorded the whole thing
check it out if you want to and tell me what you think
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I think I am going to try out this challenge, but to make it more interesting I will be taking advantage of MC command center to increase the household size to 22 and the risky woohoo mod to make it a 50% chance to conceive. The couple will need to woohoo once a day when not expecting, and I will see how quickly they can manage to get to the required 20 kids. Will update once I get started!
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