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Default 100 parties!!
So 100 parties is about two hosts trying to make it big in their world, but, they are WAY to lazy to set up parties by themselves! The hosts end up hiring 'Workers' (more like the absolute foundation to all their parties) to live in a small area to throw as many parties possible before they die! (#partyanimalmuch )
House rules
Foundation sims (or the workers, but lets just call them foundation sims):
  • You can only have two bedrooms for the servants, Including only three single-beds, two side-tables, two lamps, one dresser and a mirror in each.
  • The foundation sims can have a bathroom, a kitchen/dining room and a small Living room.
  • You cannot buy any entertainment or decorations, or any skill building objects, except for the few exceptions each sims brings.
Host Sims:
  • Each host must have His/her own room. Think of the rooms as small condo's, and base it off that.
  • Room Requirements: Double or single bed, small kitchen, Small dining room, study, living room, bathroom.
  • Host sims can have one TV, one Computer, a bookshelf, and decorations.
Party areas:
  • For the rest of the house, you will need a small room for entertainment, a kitchen, A dining hall (or just a huge dining room with over 12 seats), a bar, a bathroom (male/female), lounge, and a few bedrooms if your feeling flirty .
  • each room must have over 8 decorations, except for the kitchen.
  • You are allowed only one piano, guitar, mic, violin, etc.
  • You are not allowed any electronics other then a stereo and a camera.

Sim Requirements
So in total you will have 8 sims, two hosts and six foundation sims. They can be all male, female, or a mix of both. So I'll go into greater detail then I did at the beginning here, but if you want to skip this, its not too important. The host sims are the ones that throw the parties. They don't necessarily have to be at the party, but they have to come to a few. The foundation Sims are the ones that entertain the guests, feed them, clean up after them, basically they are the hosts, but not really. catch my drift?
If a sim dies, you cannot replace them

Hosts cannot be in a romantic relationship, but they can be related.

Host sim number one must have the following traits: foodie, snob, materialistic, or hot head, romantic, snob. Must have either the Mansion baron aspiration, friend of the world aspiration, Party animal aspiration, or fabulously wealthy aspiration. Host 1 is elegant, so make him/her elegant looking

Host sim number two must have the following traits: Lazy, Glutton, slob, or glutton, bro, outgoing. Must have either of the Aspirations that Host 1 has, but you cant make both sims have the same aspiration.
host 2 is more of a hipster (not by looking at the traits, though), so again, make him/her hipster.
note that you cannot play as the hosts, unless you are inviting sims over for a party. hosts can get pregnant, but cannot keep the baby, it must fall to the servants to take care of the infant. you must use this cheat on both hosts (you probably have to use testing cheats. if you don't know how to bring up the cheat box, press ctrl-shift-c at the same time and a white box will appear in the corner. to make it go away, press ctrl-shift-c again) :relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others

Foundation sims:
Each sim must have the following traits
Sim 1 : renaissance sim; genius, neat, perfectionist. This sim's job is to clean the house.

Sim 2 : Master mixologist; outgoing, bro, romantic. this sim's job is to tend the bar. You may have a bar for this sim to work on his skills with.

Sim 3: Master Chef; foodie, snob, creative; this sim's job is to cook. You already got a kitchen.

Sim 4: Joke star; outgoing, romantic, self-assured. This sims job is to provide comedic entertainment. You can have a microphone.

Sim 5: Musical Genius; gloomy, creative, noncommittal. This sims job is to provide musical entertainment. you can have either a piano, a guitar, or a violin.

Sim 6: Nerd brain; athletic, bookworm, ambitious. This sim's job is to fix everything. you can have a wood working table.

The sims are not allowed to leave the house.
The foundation sims must build their skills during the day, they have to work during the party.
The hosts can use cheats on themselves, but It'll be useless because you cannot control them until it's party time.
You only start out with 100000 Simoleins, including the house.
You end up with 30000 Simoleins afterwords.
Children can become servants.
If a foundation sim dies, another sim has to take his or her duty unless a teenager is born and can do the duty.
children can build up their skills, but can't actually use them until they are an adult, or they can use them as a teenager.
You can't replace or upgrade anything.
Host sims can't go into foundation sims areas, and vice versa.
You can only play as hosts when you are building up relationships with everybody but the foundation sims, other then that, host sims are un-playable

You have to throw a party everyday for every week that you haven't been building your skills. if sims cannot show up, or will not, that still counts as a guest. (at least you tried to be social). Each week you have more guests coming! Try not to Invite the same person to the same party everyday, space it out so that they are coming every week or so. I would try easy first, to be honest, then work my way up to Hard!
EASY: you have two weeks to build up your skills, and you can play as the hosts for a week. the third week you start the parties. First party week, you have six guests. Second week, 8. Third, 10. keep going like that until you've reached 100 parties (Or you can't invite anymore sims, then stick with the highest number of guests you've gotten)
MEDIUM: You have one week to build up your skills. You can't play as the hosts, and the second week you start your parties. First party week, Seven guests, Second week, Nine, etc. Keep going until you've reached 110 parties!
[U]HARD[/H]: You have 3 days to build up your skills. After that, you go to parties. First week, 8 guests. Second week, 10 guests, etc.

To win this challenge, you must have had over 100 parties. If your servants die, you cannot replace them, but if you have children, you can sorta take their spots. (you can't click on another sim that isn't in your household and add them to your household, as fun as it sounds)

Party themes!
30 week limit!
four sims!
Less beds!

I'll post my game-play sometime soon! sorry for the length, But I still hope you like this challenge! Tell me what you think of this challenge, and maybe the difficulty too! If you want to find my sims or my house on the gallery, or if you want to post your own creations on their, use the hastag 100parties (BIG SURPRISE )
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This seems pretty cool, I might try it. Great opportunity to take full advantage of the party stuff pack as I haven't really used it yet. Well done X
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