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Default :lovestruc Forbidden Love Challenge :lovestruc
This challenge is kinda like Romeo and Juliet just your sims don't die young (unless you want them to). Mostly in this challenge you have to hide your realationship from everyone. You role a dice or just use for random events on Monday. Events to make the challenge harder.

Hide your romantic relationship with your soulmate from everyone one. Parents disagree

1st. Parents just disagree with the realationship, don't like who you dating
2nd. The families are enemies, don't want you talking or dating the enemy (I warned you that it was like R+J)
3rd. Parents think the other family is horrible

1. Parents can't see the couple together
2. Couple can't go out to places in the town (people will see them)
3. If they get married they can not have a wedding or they can just invite one person
4. If they get married parents can never visit
5. Can't stop parents' actions

Random events

1. One person of the couple knocks on the door thinking that their parents aren't there. Inside the other person realizes that one of their parents are going to answer. What to do? Do you either chat them up so they don't answer or let them answer. (Do one that doesn't make you lose)

2. You are talking in your room with your girlfriend/boyfriend. When your mom comes to talk to you. You have to hide her/him or walk out of room to talk

3. Your mom is about to go to the bathroom, but your girlfriend/boyfriend is in there. What do you do?

4. You decide to throw a party and accidentally invite your girlfriend/boyfriend. How do you make sure your parents don't see them?

1. You got caught and your parents forced you not to see Eachother. No happy ending for you
2. Congratulations, you didn't get caught. Enjoy life with your family. (You could do something like this with the kids of the couple)
3. You died so young (For if you wanted it to end like R+J)

If your parents/family found out or even saw you, you lost the challenge
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This is a cute idea!
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