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Default 123 challenge
123 challenge:

I don't know if anyone else has done this, but I'm just gonna go for it.

MAIN GOAL:: have one child, next have twins, then finally have triplets

First, start out with you matriarch, or your main person. *
-can be male or female
-has to be able to have a child with another sim (get others pregnant or become pregnant)
-must be young adult (or teen if you have a mod)
-must have hates children trait

Now, you have to find love. Like it says above, has to be someone who can get your sim pregnant or can get another sim pregnant. ~
-have to get married BEFORE having children
-have to have full friendly relationship before proposing (no wedding is needed)
-only try for baby every 4 hours

If you fail at having the next baby/babies, read the rules. •
-find a new sim and repeat the rules for marriage
-follow the rules that are listed under this

After having the correct amount of children, you need to have a divorce with your spouse. #
-after divorcing, get married again, following the rules for that again
-if you don't have the correct amount of children, your youngest child will continue the challenge from the beginning of the challenge
-continue until challenge is complete
-make sure to keep the hates children trait through out all of the matriarchs

Remember, you don't have to follow all of these rules the way they are here. You can make up your own way of doing this. You can use money cheats, or only have ONE of your parent sims have a job.

If you are confused at all, please let me know! Hope you enjoy it!
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Sounds like a lot of work, but I think I might be up to the challenge.
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This is really tricky but interesting bc you can't use the TV on the children's channel on the first baby and on the twins you have to control how much your sim watches and on the triplets you have to go full on watching the TV besides probably getting the fertile trait. Like @GothicGorilla said, its hard but I think thats what makes it fun!
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