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Default ***Sims 4 Godfather Challenge***
Background: The life of a criminal is hard.After being enslaved and confined to a basement for 5 years by the top mafia in town, your sim was finally released as a message and warning to all those who gets into their way. Your sim starts his own mafia. He/She starts to value family time more and vows to make up for lost time. He/she also came up with a vengeful plan to take the city and make every rival family pay big time for what they have done to you. Watch out! There's a new family in town, and pretty soon everyone will know their name.

(Note: Download the mod below in order to kill off your competition!)
(note: none of these apply to your family yet)
-For every world you have (depending on whatever packs you have) make 1 rival crime family making sure to save one world for your family.

-Each family must have:
-one Godfather/mother(adult)
-one patriarch/matriarch(adult)
-2-3 children (young adults).
-The one required trait for each sim is “family oriented”

-Decide which ones you want to be the strongest, 2nd strongest, etc.

-Depending on the family’s rank, raise their fitness level accordingly. The strongest family will be filled with people with 10’s, the second 9’s, third 8’s, etc.

-Each member(except for the patriarch/matriarch) should be put into the criminal job.

-The patriarch/matriarch stays at home to cook meals and tend to the home

-(skip this if you don't have get together) Make a club for each family and make each club either like or hate other mafia families depending on whether you want them to have an alliance or not (this is for storytelling purposes more than anything else).

-Once you get two associates(regular sims) add them to the house, put them in the criminal job, and match their fitness level with the rank of their employers

-Give the family 2 million simoleons each (cheat: money 2000000)

-In their respective territories, have each one of the children in each family buy a restaurant, bar (speakeasies), or nightclub(drug exchange). (Doesn’t really matter what it is). Be sure that each family owns 3 “landmarks” in their territory. If there is only 2 children then have one of their associates buy one.

-Your family:
Make your family and club similarly to above, but do not use any cheats on your family (until later). Put all of your family members into the criminal job and make their club.

Your goal is to take over all of the territories and become the strongest family. At first, your only form of income is to be from the criminal job. Once you have enough money, buy your first landmark. For each landmark you have you will receive 2000 simoleons daily. Once you get 3 landmarks in that same territory, you will receive 10000 simoleons for owning that territory. You may only have 3 landmarks in a territory. (note: be sure that the godfather is not the one buying these landmarks. Only associates and children may own landmarks)
In order to hire an associate, you will need to pay 15000 simoleons (deduct this from your account) then move them into your house.

*****Please note****** You may only have 7 people at a time in your household.You get 5 associates per challenge meaning after you’ve hired 5 sims, you cannot hire anymore for the remainder of the challenge. However, your family may have children that may be aged as follows:

-Infants may be aged automatically.
-Toddlers may be aged automatically.
-Children may be aged automatically.
-Teens must receive an A grade in school or have completed their aspiration to be aged.

Once all of the family and associates die, games over.

Taking territories:
Before you can take any territories, you must own one of your own. To take a territory you must take each landmark from a rival family which is a cutthroat business. Use one of your associates or your children to go claim a landmark. In order to claim a landmark, you must fight the owner of the landmark (usually they are there or spawn there eventually). If your sim wins the fight against the owner, then use the serial killer mod interaction to kill the owner. If your sim loses, then they must die. If the owner dies, then you may buy the landmark.

Dice rolling:
[Please note you will need a pair of dice, an app, or a computer generated website to simulate the rolling of dice.]
Rules are simple for this portion:
Everyday at 11AM you must roll your dice.
Whatever your dice lands on you must complete the task.

Dice rolls:
2. Successful heist: Collect 5,000 simoleons.
3. Lost trust in the family: Demotion of job ranking. (-1)
4. Family friend came through with something he owed you. ( You may purchase any item under 1,000) (You then refund yourself the money)
5. Godfather is stabbed and killed. (You must pick a new Godfather that is inside the family.
6. The family is in good spirits.(promotion of job) (+1)
7. You are in deep cow plant shit, you owe people or they will have your head. (You lose all your money)
8. Your sons retrieved valuable information on one of your rivals they pay to keep you quiet! (Gain 15,000 simoleons)
9. The eldest child has been stabbed and killed.
10. Someone gifts you for completing a job for them. (Buy any item you please under 5,000 simoleons) (again refund yourself the price of the item)
11. The family has unexpected debts. (Lose 25,000 simoleons) (If you do not have enough money, you must sell furniture) (if still not enough you keep 0 balance with no furniture)
12. You receive a large sum of money in the mail. You learned a long time ago to not ask questions in this business, you take the money. (Gain 20,000 simoleons)

Cheats needed:
(note: you put the amount of the thing yo want in place of the "x")
money X
stats.set_skill_level skill_fitness x
careers.promote criminal
careers.demote criminal
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Ts4_ExtremeViolence_SerialKiller v 1.1B.ZIP (1.28 MB, 167 downloads)
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I will give it a try .. sounds funny
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kittenishsimmer I hope that you allow me to add this mod for your Challenge This mod will be So Helpful ..
this mod by @LittleMsSam

Thanks for LittleMsSam for this helpful mod...
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Default Great Mod
I think this mod would be a great addition to gameplay because it offers more variety for simmers, thank you so much for pointing this mod out.

Originally Posted by mgsk
kittenishsimmer I hope that you allow me to add this mod for your Challenge This mod will be So Helpful ..
this mod by @LittleMsSam

Thanks for LittleMsSam for this helpful mod...
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There is no need to thank me , who need to be thanks is you for posting amazing challenge
i shared your post with my friends and everyone says this challenge is perfecta ^_^^_^^_^
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Fantastic!!! Thank you very much!!!!!
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Hi guys so sorry for going mia on you all. I’d like you to all know who is still interested in this challenge I will be doing a let’s play on my YouTube. It would mean the world to me if you guys checked it out and left any feedback on how to improve this challenge!
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