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Default *New Challenge* Sims 4 sugar baby challenge
So this my first challenge i honestly didn't want to make one , but i couldn't find one that i fitted what i was trying to do so i mad my own

Inspired by Emmzyme :

Mods you might wanna use*Optional* - {WickedWhims : }

Cheats needed - { Familyfunds last name 100,000 } Sugar daddy
- { Family funds last name 1,000} After buying poorly decorated house sugar baby

1. She can look like whatever you want her to as long as she doesn't look to rich { Classy but rough around the edges}{Young Adult nothing below}{Must have the aspiration Fabulously Wealthy}{Must have Materialistic trait}
2. The sugar daddy must be married {Elder/Adult} with a child {Teen/Young adult/adult} *Must be female*
3. Wife must have the follow traits {Jelousy , Snob , Materialistic} *********

The goal in this challenge is to make him get divorced and take all of his money

Gameplay rules
1. Depending on what packs you have i would say you can either go to down town clubs and that sorta thing or go to parks and stuff {If you only have the base game i high recommend you go for mortimer goth}
2. You can either move into a apartment {If you have that pack} or a house
3. Your house may not be worth more that 15,000 {That includes buying the lot}
4. you can spend the 1,000 on whatever you like
5. After finding someone , Make small talk , as the conversation progresses ask them how much money $$ they make , if they say a decent amount they can be considered your sugar daddy
6.After converstaing , ask them on a date it must be where you meet or something similar {Second date must be at your house}
7.As you guys get closer they move your sim in
8.After she moves in its where it gets fun , become his daughters best friend , Become good friends with wife
{Optional , Steal the daughters boyfriend sleep with him whenever hes around}
9. By now you should have sorta relationship with him , sleep with him {Using wicked whims or base game woohoo}
10. After she is close with everyone get her pregnant
11. Don't announce till baby is born after that , you make the wife catch him cheating , she then gets a divorce and moves out
12 . Become his enemy and kick him out

You may have a job , however it has to be part time making very little money {YOU MAY ONLY HAVE A JOB AFTER MEETING YOUR SUGAR DADDY}
No cheats or mods allowed after wicked whims and familyfunds {CC may be used}

You can only use townies as your sugar daddy , no created sims

No flings outside the sugar daddy {Unless its with the daughters boyfriend or the daughter/wife}

You can not get pregnant but anyone else than the sugar daddy

You may only have 1 child by him

Want to Spice thing up {Here are some extra rules}
1. You can only use the downtownie Mr.big once , and instead of moving in you cant
2. You have to take his money without living with him
3.You have relations with the daughter or wife
4. You have to sleep with him before kicking him out
5. kick him out and remain friends and still mess with his life
6. Find any way to make him lose his job without him quitting

Only time you may use another cheat is if your downtown stops spawnding rich people
To add more Downtownies, enable testingcheats (“boolprop testingcheatsenabled true”), then shift click your sim and select “Spawn,” then “NPC and Townie Maker.” It will appear as a Repo Gun. You can click it and select “Generate Special Townie,” then “Dateable Diva or Mr. Big.” They should appear next to the cheat object, unmoving. Click the Repo Gun again and select “+ Keep +.” You will get a message that confirms that they are now part of the neighborhood.

End of challenge
By this point you should have there house , you can either upgrade or move , You should have one child and your funds should be over 600k+
If you want to keep playing with the sim you used after that , keep them on the lot and try to rebuild your friendship with the family

Thanks for reading and i hope you try out the challenge , This challenge is inspired by Emmzyme , her challenge is really good although , take a different approach then mine , go check her out , Also comment if i should make more challenges
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Hey, I haven't logged into this account in years but found this while browsing for some challenges. It's so cool that you were inspired by my challenge, thank you for including me. Yours sounds pretty awesome, I'm definitely going to give it a try myself. Nice job!
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