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:new: Greater Childhood Challange
Hello everyone Today I have indeed a challenge! tested and approved! ( Must have parent hood and Kids stuff packs for this challenge If you don't have parent hood it will be extremely difficult! )
This Challenge is All about them kids ! or one in particular at least ! You must make it to young adulthood!
Get ready for one heck of a life! :
1. Must start as a Toddler ! Do 10 Good Things and 1 skill maxed , Do 10 naughty things!
2. When you reach the end of toddler hood You must be potty trained!
3. Cannot play the parents even once!( can have single parent ) ... you can have 1 sibling but same Rules! you have one character!
4. Childhood! all what we were waiting for right? do 16 Bad things ! Or 16 good things ,Have atleast 2 skills maxed , Finish homework OR Don't , IT depends on you how you want your childhood to be !
5. Aww you Finished your not a kid anymore! teendom time! at last!
6. Time To be a REBEL! , Do 20 rebel acts And Not get Caught! if your Caught you may have mood swings , fight your parent , or run away! but if you run away! then you better be prepared! , Break curfew 10 times Without being caught! , have atleast 4 skills maxed out , you can Play hookie with school aswell!
Thats my challange Lets see who can do it!
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if you find that you need more info ! please message me
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i wish my childhood was that dramatic
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