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Default 3t4 Rags To Riches

My favorite “Rags To Riches” challenge is this set of rules, created by JC<3ME for the Sims 3. Unfortunately, Sims 3 eventually started to kill my computer, so Sims 4 has been my preferred game for the last couple years. And since a lot has changed between the two games, I took it upon myself to convert this challenge for the modern simmer.

The goal of this challenge is to become a millionaire in 20 generations or less, starting with just the clothes on your back and an empty lot. There are two win conditions: you must have a house worth at least $500k, and/or have $1 million in reserve. Do you have what it takes to start from nothing and become a millionaire?


  • Your founder can be any gender, and species, with any traits and aspiration you like, but they must be a teen.
  • No children, spouses or roommates may be added to the household until the founder becomes a young adult.

  • You don't have to send your founder to school, but it does help with their needs early on!
  • No cheats/mods that give you an unfair advantage (motherlode, higher career salaries, etc.). Resetsim, moveobjects and money reducing cheats are allowed, as is any mod or CC that doesn’t affect gameplay in your favor.
  • Aging must be on, with lifespan set to normal. Custom lifespans are allowed, but must be within 90-100 sim days.
  • You may use Satisfaction points as you like, but the money tree is off-limits.
  • The Potion of Youth or Essence Of Life may only be used once per generation.

  • Your founder may own a business, restaurant, or vet clinic. They may also take the City Living and Seasons careers, but they must ALWAYS work from home. Normal and active careers are allowed for generation 2 onward.
  • No travelling to Granite Falls or Selvadorada until you have a finished house and at least $5,000 in reserve. You may travel to any other world for free at any time.
  • You cannot purchase anything from build mode (walls, stairs, fences, etc.) until you pay the computer back for the price of your starting lot. You will need to earn this money by collecting and crafting, then subtract it using the money cheat.

  • You may purchase and place objects from buy mode before repaying the computer, unless the object requires a wall, floor, or ceiling to be placed.

  • A home is considered “finished” when it has at least the following:
  • 2 rooms (one being a dedicated bathroom)
  • 1 window per room (except for basements and interior rooms)
  • 1 counter
  • 1 light per room
  • Full floor coverage (no grass or concrete)
  • Full interior and exterior wall coverage
  • A roof
  • Moving is allowed, but your first lot MUST be empty, and you must have built a house according to the above specifications first.
  • No triggering age transitions until the counter reaches 0.
  • Once your heir becomes a young adult, they must become your primary focus, and you may not do anything else to assist the previous generation in their career.
  • You may have “spares.”
  • You may use cats and dogs to make money. (Hunting)
  • Siblings of an heir must move out when either they, or the heir reach level 5 of their career.
  • Siblings must be moved into finished houses, with one bed for each person moving in. You may edit existing houses or place new ones to fulfill this requirement.
  • You may play a sibling’s household, but aging must be off until you switch back to the main household.
  • Gardening is off limits until you have access to running water, AKA a house. Wild plants may be harvested and sold as normal. EDIT: If your lot is within walking distance of a lake or river (not the ocean) you may disregard this rule.
  • You may not send collectibles to be refined until you have a finished house. You may do this yourself if you have the proper items, but you must buy them yourself.
  • Elder sims must retire, or quit their jobs.

As with any challenge, you can make it as hard or as easy as you want, or even modify the rules to make a completely different Rags To Riches challenge.

Credits to JC<3ME for the original rules, and to EA for adding vampires and seasons to Sims 4 so I could enjoy them without melting my hard drive.
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