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Default 5 Generation Disney Challenge with a twist
Sims 4 Disney challenge 5 Generations
This is inspired by the already amazing and made Disney challenge ( for Sims 4 but I wanted to add a twist and make more guidelines for a more in-depth story!
Aging can be set to long or normal at your preference. I'm going to play on long aging and recommend it as I like to really develop the story. The first generation is heavily inspired by already made cinderella challenges as you can see but ive made chnages and added twists to the others!

The main goal besides ones listed and to live out your sims story is to complete their aspirations

• Start as a child or teen
• Make evil stepmother and daughters
• Make any house you like but Cinderella sleep either in a back house, attic, dingy basement, with low bedroom and bathroom items.
• Must lock kitchen as she will do all the cooking and cleaning before she does any homework etc.
• If all chores and homework are done she can have Sundays and Wednesdays free, to go to other lots and make money or spend time with friends. (If you want you can try and meet her prince or princess on these days)
• you need to get high grades and good traits to escape mother and sisters as a teen or young adult
• Any money she makes is her own so keep track of it as you go because she needs to save and "hide" money to move out. (Tip* set up a market lot where she can go and sell things she makes at the tables or make money from music tips)
• Cant move out till all money is saved for a lot and small house she can run away in the night and move whether that be as a teen or young adult.
• Once she moves out gameplay is free to play as you like to start the next generation

Beauty and the Beast
Your evil stepmom is back with a vengeance, she hates that your life turned out so good when you ran away. She hired somebody to steal your eldest son or daughter in the night!
• Get kidnapped as a teenager or young adult
• Move your sim and captor to another city and use the no visitors lot trait if you can otherwise ignore visitors
• Make any house you like, you can have the captor be rich by nature or have a day job to pay bills. Your sim should probably live in a basement as they would need to be hidden, they can have there own sort of suite to live in and take care of themselves.
• Make another sim who is also being held by the captor and have your sim build a relationship and fall in love with them (you can add a few sims and have love triangles or something if it suits you. Or just have extra sims so they can have a bestfriend!)
• Get your logic and athletic skill to level 10 and "make a plan" with your partner and friends to escape
• Finally escape, get your captor and stepmother "thrown in prison" and reunite with your parents and live out the rest of your life with your partner.

Sleeping Beauty
Your parent's captor escaped prison and they are so worried they send you away to a remote cabin with their three closest friends until they know you will be safe

• Move as a baby with your parent's friends (" the three fairies" can be any age or sim you like)
• MC Command center will be a useful mod as you can have your sim quit school. Otherwise, just have your sim never go to school. The three friends can then each teach your sim to have 3 good value traits and "home school them" by teaching them 3 skills as well (either but mentoring or just having your sim level up 3 skills as high as you can)
• As a teen you sneak out at night to a nearby abandoned park (or whatever kind of lot you like) and that's when you meet your partner, you can stay from 10 pm till 2 am to try and build your relationship
• After building trust with your partner you then discover one of their parents is in the secret agent career and they can protect you!
• They find your parents captor and you can finally come out of hiding to live out your life with whatever skills you may have developed
The Princess and the Frog
Your partner decides to follow in there parents' footsteps and ends up passing away in the field. You are a single mother or father just doing your best to get by and teach your child hard work
• Your parent always taught you to try you hardest so you get straight As in school and finish all your childhood aspirations
• When you become a teen start working on finishing your adult aspiration and get straight As in school
• Your so focused on being successful you don't have any close friends or any partners in high school
• When you're a young adult you start a new career working your way up
• One night you finally decide to go out (after getting promoted to level 5 of your selected career, if you have dine out you could even open a restaurant and once you get to 3 stars) and meet a very rich and lazy sim (try to make a sim with completely opposite traits) who for some reason can't stand but also are very attracted to
• Spend lots of time with this sim and fall in love don't get married or have kids till your both adults (you teach each other the importance of relaxing, family and working hard)

The Little Mermaid
Your parents are both very successful and hardworking, but they are a lot older and stricter than your friend's parents. They only want what's best for you. When you bring the school bad sim home they do everything to keep you away from them. Deep down the sims really not all that bad though

• Have your sim meet a "bad sim" when they are a teen
• Have the parents do anything they can to keep them away from said sim
• The relationship with your parents goes down to full negative and finally your teen sim decided to run away from home with no money to an empty lot, have them take out $15,000 loan from a loan shark to build their own house
• Have them build their way up in life. Every sim Monday they must have 1000 simoleons to pay back the loan. Or 1000 dollars of items must be deleted (and the money deleted after) Maybe they stay together maybe they don't it's up to you!
• After finally paying off the loan, the loan shark turns on you saying you owe more money. Your partner tries to fight back and they are killed.
• You never remarry or have kids. (Or maybe you had a child already or are *gasp* pregnant and can continue on with more of your own generations and rules)
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