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#26 Old 13th Jul 2016 at 7:56 PM
This is going on my to do Challenge list
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#27 Old 20th Jul 2016 at 9:22 PM
Default Blue and Brothers Household
First Sim - Female, Based on Food, Wear Blue, Active, Food-MasterMixologist
Roommate - Male, Mustache, Ugly Clothes, Fictional Character, Good, Love-SoulMate

First Sim is Berry Blue
Roommate is Mario Brothers

Check out my Apocalypse Challenge attempt @
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#28 Old 28th Jul 2016 at 10:32 PM
Thought I'd give this one a go! Playing on hard mode

So my founder I rolled:
Ugly clothes (This was very subjective I thought but dressed her in those male camo clothes that I haven't even used for men before!), dress them in green, named after disney villain, blue eyes, female
Nerd Brain, Perfectionist, Genus, Slob
So I made Ursula Pritchett!

Then I wanted an extra sim and I rolled triplets so I made:
Scarlet Ibis Pritchet: dress them in red, little nose, red hair, female, give them an animal name - genius
Lily Pritchett: dress them in pink, hat, hazel eyes, pale skin, choose randomize - Active
Snow White Pritchett: blue eyes, female, medium hair, black hair, based on a disney princess - mean

All pictures of them are below!
As I am playing on hard mode I am rolling for events Tuesdays and Fridays!
Question just so I know for future: Do I need to roll for characteristics for every sim that gets added to my household through any means? Or do I just do that at the start of my game?

I will be sure to update as I get some good progress!
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#29 Old 2nd Aug 2016 at 2:22 AM
Just started this!
Rolls - Dress in Green, White Hair, Named After a Fictional Character, Female, Pale Skin.
- Active, Goofball, Outgoing
- food - master chef.

So meet Jamie Carstair! I got the White Hair and Pale Skin and then the Fictional Character rolls and was like "Am I making Jem (The Infernal Devices/Mortal Instruments) here?" But then I got female, so I changed the name from 'James' to 'Jamie'.

Also... I'm not sure how to upload screenshots from the sims 4, so I'm afraid until I figure it out I'll be updating without pictures.

Update 1: Jamie has started her career as a dishwasher and, with the help of her fiance, J, has a baby on the way and a garden up and growing!

"900 years of time and space, and I have never met someone who wasn't important."
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This looks like fun ı probably play this with random legacy challenge that ı just started. But how do you roll? ı use for numbers is there a another site for this?
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4th Oct 2016 at 7:12 AM
Default The Havarti brothers
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9th Oct 2016 at 3:16 PM
Default Havarti Brothers
This message has been deleted by SageDragon.
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#31 Old 26th Oct 2016 at 8:05 PM
This challenge will be updated as soon as City Living is released.
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Now updated for City Living!
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#33 Old 8th Dec 2016 at 7:47 PM
I have a question about the rules. In regards to houses, you say:

Once your sim is created, you must move them into any size house on any lot that they can afford. The only rule here is that it can only have three rooms: a bedroom, a bathroom, and a general living area. Add additional bedrooms for any additional sims rolled.

Does the house need to remain that same size throughout the challenge? I newest even roll is to "bulldoze and rebuild" ... and my Gen 2 spouse has an Aspiratin to be Mansion Baron. His current goal is a house worth $50,000. The current house fits the challenge rules, but comes short of his needs. Can I expand to meet his Aspiration, or do I need to wait for Event Rolls that call for building?
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Just getting back into the game and this looks like fun!

Generation 1: Jaime Trotter
- teal eyes
- name them after the main character of the last movie/tv show you watched (James and the Giant Peach)
- light skin
- heavy makeup
- black hair

- jealous
- bookworm
- genius

- knowledge (computer whiz)
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Originally Posted by piratemiya
Just getting back into the game and this looks like fun!

Generation 1: Jaime Trotter

She's really pretty!
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Chillyzgrrl - Thank you! I feel like I always give my ladies long hair so I thought I'd try something different.

I've only been playing a few sims weeks but roll 1 was add a new sim to the town (attractive but evil next door neighbor) and roll 2 was to redecorate a room. Right now Joaquin Le Chien is living with her temporarily (she hopes) after he got into a fight with his roommate. She had a huge crush on him at first, but after living with him for a week she realizes that he's definitely not the sim for her (that, and he made out with Dina Caliente right in front of her). Gunther Munch from the book club likes her a lot but hasn't told her yet. Right now she's getting to know the new sim in town, Efron Arndt (named after a celebrity + all bad traits) but I have a feeling it won't end well. Maybe Gunther will be there to help her pick up the pieces.
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#37 Old 22nd Dec 2016 at 7:03 PM
I'm gonna do this on hard mode!
Sim 1:
Blue eyes
Named after a pet (I only had 1 pet and his name was...Patches. Oh god he's gonna be named Patches! XD This is not worth a re-roll tho.)
Bald (Oh god reroll XD)
Brown hair
No makeup
OK! So he's basicly going to be a humanized version of my pet.
Also I rolled for another sim and I got daughter.
Sim 2:
Purple hair
Based on a song (I guess The World is Mine sung by Hatune Miku)
No makeup
Green eyes
Snob (Because of the song she's based off of.)
OK! Be right back after I make the sims!
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#38 Old 24th Dec 2016 at 6:15 AM
What do I do if I roll an ongoing event that I already have in effect? I rolled "Main’s spouse/significant other cannot work (ongoing)," but that event was already in effect from a previous roll. Do I keep it or do I reroll it?
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#39 Old 25th Dec 2016 at 9:58 PM
I've never really done a legacy challenge yet, so this is a first for me.

My Founder: Angela Ziegler

I rolled:
named after a fictional character
short hair
dress them like a hipster


fortune - fabulously wealthy

I also rolled for a potential partner-sim and got a brother. Meet Jim:

only wears skirts/dresses
name them after the main character of the last book you read
dress them in white
gray hair


nature - freelance botanist

Currently chosing their starting lot.. after I spent like 3 hours (with pauses) creating them
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#40 Old 7th Feb 2017 at 6:33 PM
Tinkered with this a bit, customizing it to fit the gamepacks I have, and a few mods Im not getting rid of (mc command and go to school)

I added Vampire and Alien to the CAS list, and added a few vampire and alien events to the event list (turn a mortal, hybernate, drink only plasma, use alien powers, go undisguised for a day ect.)

I also randomized the careers list, including several freelance careers like freelance photographer, gardener, musician and such

here is what I got:
sim 1:
named after a country
dressed goth
big nose

body builder


Treasure Hunter (aim is to complete the crystals, fossils, elements, and mysims trophies collections)

Sim 2


Red hair
based on a stereotype
ugly clothes
dressed in white

Freelance Botanist


no career as sim is an elder

I will be rolling 2 events every Tuesday (the RNG picked Tuesday... Im going completely random here!
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#41 Old 8th Feb 2017 at 4:16 PM
I'm really glad to see this one back! I was actually considering updating it for sims 4. That's how I stumbled across this one! Looking forward to starting again!
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#42 Old 9th Feb 2017 at 12:22 AM
Just rolled mine!

Founder: Arianna Alison
*Green Hair
*Light Skin
*Dress In Purple
Traits: Cheerful, Creative, Evil
Aspiration: Public Enemy
She also has a daughter.....
Daughter: Rose Alison
*All Pink
*Brown Eyes
*Lots Of Makeup (Awww girly-girl!)
Traits: Gloomy (aww so saddd)
Aspiration: Whiz Kid (???)
I am worried for what I'm about to do with these sims. I'll post again later! (Also my events are Sunday, so first day I'm doing something. YAY!)

"If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game show host."
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#43 Old 10th Feb 2017 at 10:35 PM
I'm going to be posting this on my tumblr out of boredom. Never done a Sim blog before, so hopefully it will be fun. And hopefully isn't terrible. There will be pictures and story.

Normal Difficulty (I hate rules! Lol)
Founder: Roni DiGiorno
CAS: Male, Green Eyes, Based on a Food (Name?)
Traits: Evil, Loves the Outdoors, Bookworm
Aspiration: Nature - Freelance Botanist
Additional Sims: 2 Daughters
Daughter 1: Pepper DiGiorno
CAS: Green Eyes, Dress in Pink, Named after Food
Traits: Creative, Family Oriented (Rolled this, but can't give to children)
Aspiration: (Child) Artistic Prodigy (Older) Popularity - Leader of the Pack
Daughter 2: Infinia DiGiorno
CAS: Based on a Song, Green Hair, Medium Skin
Traits: Creative, Non Committal (Same thing, will have to wait til older)
Aspiration: (Child) Grow Up* (Older) Knowledge - Renaissance Sim
* I have some custom aspirations, plus I think the list was missing some vanilla ones that I added to my list when I rolled for the kids.
[For the kid's traits, since they rolled ones they can't have til they're older, I put those aside for then and just gave them creative traits since I thought that would work well with both their current and future aspirations. I rolled for the older aspirations because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to make the girls teens, but then I changed my mind about that, so I'm saving those aspirations for later.]
Lot Traits: Penny Pixies, Gremlins, Chef's Kitchen
Event Day: Thursday
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Hard mode! Bring it on!

Feminine male
Dress them like a hipster
Named after someone you know
White hair
Short hair

Insane (Rolled twice in row, so re-rolled for 3rd)
Hates children

Laughing at this, really, my first gen and he hates children! Well maybe I can get creative about the method of obtaining an heir..

Knowledge - Nerd Brain

Additional Sims

Events will be rolled on Tuesdays & Fridays!

Meet Rhys Solis~

I tried to make him feminine looking but It was difficult :C
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#45 Old 12th Feb 2017 at 9:47 PM Last edited by dontbemean : 14th Feb 2017 at 7:24 AM.
I have a few questions
1. can I build on my house at any time or do I have to wait for an event
2. can I try for baby at any time or do I have to wait for the try for baby event
3. can I get married or have a boyfriend at any time or do I have to wait for an event to tell me to
4. when I do have children do I roll 5 things for every child and if so do I re-roll every time they age up till they are a young adult or only roll once for when they are a child and that remains for their whole life
5. and what does based on mean e.g. based on a disney prinsses, based on food. is this their name clothes aperiance what
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Originally Posted by LadyLestat
This is an awesome idea! I am going to combine this with tigger89's random legacy challenge! It is a great way to spice things up! Thanks!

i love this idea i had to do it so much fun thanks for mentioning your idea its brilliant
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#47 Old 13th Feb 2017 at 4:50 AM
So, I decided to give this a go. Let's just say... it didn't go well.

-Based On Stereotype
-Named them after a constellation

alright no problem, I can do that.

Traits (Hard Mode):
-Love Outdoors

cool cool cool

Knowledge - Nerd Brain

alright seems easy enough already!

So I made Caelum Christensen (Caelum is a constellation!) and he's designed after the nerd stereotype. Super cute lil' dude.

First roll I got "Open a Shop" which is super ambitious for a nerd living in the city as a tech worker, but he's got his whole life to do it so I'm in no rush.

While I waited for the next roll my lil' dude went out into the city and found romance... with a guy already married... Oh well!
Their flames of love burned brighter than any other I had seen so I encouraged his love to leave his spouse, which he did! Arun moved into the apartment and they had a loving night of rest before Caelum had to go to work.

Less than 24 hours later... Caelum... burned to death in the kitchen making eggs and toast for his sleeping lover...

what do i even do in this situation

he burned with no heir and no spouse
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Default Tried it!
Here's my sim..

She's Whoopie Dogo (Whoopie is the name of my first dog. )

1. Long Hair
2. Named after a pet
3. Female
bro, vegetarian, art lover
Creativity - bestselling author
Event: Cook something


Right now, she's practicing her writing skills to write books in order to earn money. After renovating the house, I've only left 1000 simoleons. I need to work before they mail me the bills!!

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So, I've decided to do this challenge. On hard mode. Yaaaaay
Anyways, I just got the results;
Based on a song (Fun ._.)
Long Hair (EWWW, no. Reroll)
Ugly clothes (:C)
Bald (Wait.... shoot >_< )
brown eyes
dress them in green
(Long hair and bald conflicted, so I rerolled LH and got ugly clothes. I'm kinda feelin' like just going with bald [ ] unless I can roll again for it)
Bro (Yeah bro totally bro!)
Hot headed (Fine :C)
Cheerful (I don't think this would work with hot-headed ._.)
Ambitious (Replaces Cheerful)
Knowledge- Renaissance sim
My event day(s) are going to be Saturday and Tuesday, so yeah.)

I'll get you guys back later with my sim!
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#50 Old 25th Feb 2017 at 4:22 PM
So, here's Tom Rinehart (I went with mogolovonio (sanesssss) and bad TOM )
He has a (not) fantastic house with and open celing basement living room, with a kitchen (built in with living room), bedroom, and bathroom
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