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Daisy Greenman thought it was hilarious that Jason was trying to eat her brother Elm's leafy hair...

...and only thought it was slightly less funny when Elm wound up a zombie and took to persuing his twin sister Rue around, trying to spread the infection to her.

Being a zombie makes Baroness Lupina von Poochini's appearance even stranger. Somewhat putrid, really...

Zombie or not, Malcolm Landgraab is thrilled to get a shining endorsement of his most profitable business -- no, not the shop, and certainly not the rent-a-resurrection one that started all this trouble. It hasn't yet sunk in that he is now a zombie gig...ahem!
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It is finally time for Gondulf to retire as an angel in the halls of Valinor.

A new angel - Naya'il - will take his place.

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Like Gandalf would know, when you die you get to come back with bleached everything... and premium quality shampoo & conditioner.

(This is the same sim as in my last post btw, as an Elder and skin/eyes changed in SimPE.)

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Marta Bethany, zombie. I had to admit after a bit of playing as her that she's kind of...cute.

Shad Root, plantsim. Also pretty cute. And doing a wonderful job showing off this fantastic plantsim overlay.

Mel Root, plantsim. Shad's brother. (For some reason I don't really seem to have any good pics of the 3rd brother.)

Edward Landchild, High Good Witch. Randomly generated and a bit awkward for it, but he's still doing a decent job of showing off the lovely good witch overlay I got a while back.
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"Don't look at them, Samantha. Whatever happens back there is beyond our control."

Some comfort that is when upstanding citizens are zombifying each other.

Suddenly becoming undead was much too much for Angela to handle. What vestiges of her perfectly-planned life she had managed to salvage from her teen years had just disappeared entirely, leaving her as...what?
(Personal note: I get it, Angela.)

Don't worry, though! The best minds in Pleasantview are on the case!
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This is Contessa Cherry lloyd, she's a game generated sim I've had in-game for years, she is a vampire but recently she's been trying to master witchcraft.

Babbage is a sim who started life as the butler for the Nouveau Riche family, but now he's retired and a chum of Cherry's.

Babbage still behaves like a butler sometimes; he will walk into your house and start gardening or cooking... one day when he came around, Cherry tried out a spell to banish him from the lot. It didn't seem to work, he was still walking around, cleaning up... then-

It seems that he got part way through cooking lobster before the spell kicked in, and no-one realised! Fire!
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This is Babbage II,  he is a Servo that belongs to the Nouveau-Riche family. They missed the original Babbage (see picture above) after he retired (even though he sometimes turns up and burns some food for them) so they bought a robot from Boggle Electronics, and had him customised.

This was all Francesca Nouveau-Riche's idea; she was having a bit of a fling with the original Babbage so wanted a replica!
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