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This is Don and Cassandra's teenage daughter Elvira. I'm still reeling at how pretty she is.

Also I'm new here so, sorry if I'm doing something wrong here.
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26th Sep 2020 at 1:45 AM
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Oliver Curious, son of Vidcund by alien abduction. Please tell me why this cutie can't find someone to love.

This is Amelie Curious, daughter of Pascal by alien abduction, Oliver's half-sister/cousin, and oldest born-in-game Sim in my Strangetown.
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I don't think I have many pictures of descendants.

This is Gabriel Pleasant, the youngest child and only son of Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant. Took a lot after his mother. He's also quite grouchy and very serious and neat.

Skipp Broke, the unborn baby Brandi is pregant with at the start. He's a great kid.

Skipp in his natural habitat. Smustling with Beau just as his crush walks by...

Not the best picture, but David Dreamer, the son of Darren and Brandi Dreamer, is closer to the front facing the camera. The little girl in the pink dress facing away is their youngest and only daughter, Daisy Dreamer. Gabriel Pleasant can be seen in the background cringing at Lilith and Dirk

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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Here's my other alien-abduction baby. This is Liam Beaker Tricou, son of Loki via abduction, with his wife Gvaudoin Tricou and their twin boys.
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From my old game from back in the day, I don't have many pictures left of the children of Maxis Made Sims (I'll see what I can do ), but I do have a lot of the pictures of the (great-)grandchildren:

On the front, you see Simon Pleasant
Father: Piet Pleasant. Paternal grandparents: Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant
Mother: Natalia Burb. Maternal grandparents: Adriana Goth (daughter of Don and Cassandra) and Matthias Burb (son of John and Jennifer)
Behind him you can see Michel Dreamer in his old days. He is the son of Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer.
The 2nd picture shows Simon's mother Natalia and grandfather Matthias Burb.

Adriana Goth Simon's grandmother, right before death. As I said, she is the (only) daughter of Don Lothario and Cassandra Goth.

The gentleman you see here is Joeri Goth, son of Alexander Goth and Lucy Burb. He really looks like his father.

Left: Quite a funny picture with the teeth being in a random place Anyway, you see Katherine Goth here.
Mother: Laura Goth. Maternal grandparents: Frank Goth (adopted son of Don and Cassandra) and Willemijn Pleasant (adopted daughter of Daniel and Mary-Sue). Father: Jens Langerak. Paternal grandparents: Kaylynn Langerak and Gordon King (yes, the burglar!)
Right: her twin sister Afi getting a proposal. Love how they are so completely different!

Wouter Goth, Don and Cassandra's youngest child out of 10. He is hugging Sandrine Burb, daughter of John Burb (will look for a picture where you can see her face - EDIT: see next post). In the 2nd picture you can see his daughter Veerle. The mother is townie Brandi LeTourneau.

Sander Langerak.
Mother: Night Dreamer. Maternal grandparents: Darren Dreamer and Puree Patatje (a CAS Sim)
Father: Jonas Langerak. Paternal grandparents: Kaylynn Langerak and John Burb

A night out among family members! Left: Natalia Burb, mother of Simon from the 1st picture in this post. Granddaughter of Don & Cassandra and John & Jennifer.
Middle: Tabitha Goth. Daughter of Danielo Goth and Sien Star, granddaughter of Don & Cassandra and Brandon Lilliard (a Townie) and Appel Star (a CAS Sim).
Right: Caroline Jackson,"aunt" of Tabitha, illegitimate daughter of Brandon Lilliard and Jessy Jackson, a CAS Sim.

These two are both Pleasant descendants, which you can tell by their noses, but far enough so they can get married again
Left: Frans Star. Mother: Tessa Star. Maternal grandparents: daughter of Townies Brandon Lilliard and Andrea Hogan. , Father: David Dreamer; paternal grandparents: Dirk Dreamer and Lilith Pleasant
Right: Stéphanie Burb, although she is not a Burb at all. Mother: Adriana Goth (who was previously married to a Burb); maternal grandparents: Don & Cassandra. Father: Jip Broke. Paternal grandparents: Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant.

EDIT: here are 2 individual pictures I really like
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More from my old game:

Left: Maarten Goth, proposing to one of his old university friends. He is the 2nd son of Lucy and Alexander. Right: His son Pim from his 1st marriage with Tabitha Goth (granddaughter of Cassandra, it stays in the family )

Frauke Dreamer, getting a proposal of the ex of the woman hereabove Frauke is the daughter of Michel Dreamer and Adriana Goth. Her grandparents are Dirk & Lillith and Don & Cassandra

Left: Hans Goth. Son of Gustavo Goth and Lieke Dreamer. Grandson of Don & Cassandra and adoptive grandson of Darren & Puree (a CAS Sim) Right: Hans with his twin sister Isabelle.

The young lady you see here is Doroty Star. Mother: Janina Star; father: Jip Broke.
Maternal grandparents: Danielo Goth (3rd son of Don & Cassandra) and Sien Star (daughter of Townie Brandon Lilliard and CAS Sim Apple Star).
Paternal grandparents: Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant
So nice to see how the genes work btw. Her father is blonde (like Dustin) and on the 2nd picture below you can see her mom Janina, who has black hair like most Goth/Lothario descendants. Doroty has however inherited the red hair of both her grandmothers.

The picture here above is, as I said, Janina Star. The child she is holding is her 2nd one, the father is Randy London (Townie who is a teenager in the game, I made him go to university).
Here below is Doroty's grandfather and Janina's father Danielo Goth, 3rd son of Don & Cassandra

Janina's younger brother Brahim:

Left: Ann-Sophie Goth. Daughter of Gustavo Goth and Janneke Broke. Granddaughter of Dustin & Angela and Don & Cassandra. Her face is very much like her mother and grandmother, her hair is black like her father's. Right: Ann-Sophie's younger sister Valerie, getting a proposal.

Born Burb. Son of John Burb and Townie Ivy Copur (the adult one with dark skin and black curly hair)

Left: Born's half-sister Roosje Burb, daughter of John & Jennifer Right: her youngest daughter Tess. The father is Anton Goth, who was adopted by Don & Cassandra as a child.

Upper left: The lady in this picture is Sandrine Burb, Born's elder sister. She is about to woohoo with her 2nd husband Jasper Goth. Jasper is the son Alexander got posthumously with the much younger Night Dreamer (daughter of Darren Dreamer and CAS Sim Puree Patatje). Upper right: Sandrine's son Kin Yuen. The father is her 1st husband Jan Goth, adoptive grandson of both the Pleasants and Don & Cassandra. On the background you can see Maarten Goth, Alexander's 2nd son with Lucy Burb.
Lower right: Kin Yuen as a young adult.

Mary Dreamer, daughter of Dirk Dreamer and Puree Patatje (a CAS Sim). On the 2nd picture you can see her daughter Hannelore. The father is Nicolas Goth, son of Don & Cassandra.

Sophie Pleasant, daughter of Laura Star and Piet Pleasant. Maternal grandparents: Dustin Broke and townie Andrea Hogan. Paternal Parents: Daniel & Mary-Sue.
The 2nd picture shows her mother Laura (but not with the father ). She was the result of an extramarital affair between Andrea Hogan and Dustin Broke, who were both married to someone else. The man in the picture is Laurens Langerak, eldest son of maid Kaylynn Langerak and burglar Gordon King.
Lower left: Laura's 2nd son and Sophie's half-brother Maxim. His father is Christiaan Goth, 2nd son of Don & Cassandra. Besides being born during Laura's marriage with Sophie's father, it was hard to deny this is a Goth/Lothario child

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My old game, here we go again:

Left: Janneke Broke, daughter of Dustin and Angela. Right: her eldest son Wim with his newborn child. Wim's father is Matthias Burb, son of John & Jennifer. He has the typical nose of Angela and Lilith's (especially male) descendants

Left: Wim's wife Hanne Langerak. Right: Hanne's twin sister Alicia with their cousin Sasha Langerak. Hanne and Alicia are the daughters of Kelly Star and Laurens Langerak. Their grandparents are Nina Caliente (married Star) & Herb Oldie at their mother's side, and Kaylynn Langerak & Gordon King at their father's side.

Upper left: a better picture of Sasha Langerak. Sasha's father is Evert Langerak, son of Gordon Brown & Kaylynn Langerak. His mother is Petra Broke, youngest daughter of Dustin & Angela. Upper right: Sasha's mother Petra with her grandchild.
Left below: Sasha's father Evert Langerak. Right below: Sasha's brother Stefaan.

To keep up with the Langeraks: Left: I resurrected Jonas Langerak here (on the left). He was the result of an affair of John Burb with Kaylynn Langerak. He is almost an exact copy of John The man on the right-hand side is his eldest son Tom. Right: a picture of Tom as a young adult. Below: picture of Jonas' 2nd son Sander. Their mother is Night Dreamer, daughter of Darren Dreamer.

A half-sibling of the 2 boys from here above: Lauranne Goth, the daughter Night Dreamer conceived with Alexander Goth right before he died. She is the twin sister of Jasper Goth.

Evelien Goth. Her father is Angelo Goth (9th child of Don & Cassandra) and townie Marisa Bendett. She looks very much like her mother except for the black hair.
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Annelies Caliente with her baby. Annelies is the daughter of Serena Caliente and Seppe Broke. Her grandparents are Dina Caliente & Mortimer Goth and Brandi & Skip Broke (Seppe was the child Brandi was already pregnant with). Love how she still looks like her grandmother Dina, even though her hair color and skintone are completely different!

Chris LeTourneau, Beau Broke's only son. His mother is townie Brandi LeTourneau.
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From my current game, I don't have as many pictures yet. The oldest born Sim in-game is a teenager now, so I am not that far as I got the first time. But let's give it a try:

Daniel Pleasant with his illegitimate child Katrien Langerak (needless to say who the mother is ):

Romain Ruben, son of SSU premades Jane Stacks and Joshua Ruben. He is a quite creepy toddler, if you ask me

Before marrying Joshua, Jane already had a son with Don Lothario. He is a little cuter than his younger half-brother

Giulia Caliente, Nina's daughter with Herb Oldie. The complete opposite of what their daughter looked like in my first game. Only the red hair remained the same

Kevin Dreamer, eldest son of Cassandra and Darren, before turning into a teenager. EDIT: the teenager on the right-hand side that is "cut off" is Dieter Burb, son of Jennifer and John.
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From my old game again (sometimes I will repeat the same things, but that is when I show the same Sims with some new ones together ):

This little girl (I don't remember her name) was Born Burb's daughter with Cindy Goth (daughter of Willemijn Pleasant and Frank Goth, both adopted children, of the Pleasant and Goth/Lothario clans respectively). Born Burb is the man next to her, he is the son of John from his 2nd marriage, with Ivy Copur. The little girl is being angry at her father's new (and much younger) bride, Katy Langerak.

That little girl had a little sister soon after. In this picture, you see Katy Langerak with the baby she had with Born Burb. Katy is the daughter of Petra Broke and Evert Langerak, and the granddaughter of Dustin & Angela and Kaylynn Langerak & Gordon King

Descendants from Académie Le Tour: the girl is Roxie Sharpe and Jonah Powers' daughter, the boy is Marla Biggs's youngest son with her husband Edwin Sharpe

Same girl as a teenager, but the boy must be someone else (Edwin's son must be her cousin so that's not possible ). Don't remember who this is, however. Probably another one of the Académie Le Tour descendants.

Edwin Sharpe and Marla Biggs's 2 boys together

Found a picture of Jip Broke, son of Dustin & Angela, right before being taken by Grim Reaper, and another one in which he is still younger and he is hugging his. eldest daughter Stéphanie. The guy on the background with the moustache is a CAS Sim based on a Belgian comic book character

Night Dreamer (daughter of Darren and a CAS Sim) and Gustavo Goth (7th child of Don & Cassandra) with their twin babies Stefanie (darkest skin) and Timothy (medium skin). In the 2nd picture, Timothy is held by his half-brother Jasper. They have the same mother, but Jasper's father is Alexander Goth (needless to say if you look at the face).

This young man who is hitting on his professor, is Koen Goth, son of Giovanni Goth and Janneke Broke. His grandparents are Don & Cassandra and Dustin & Angela. He is the twin brother of Valerie and the younger brother of Ann-Sophie, two Sims I showed already in the previous post.

This is Mitch Indie's son (Sim from Académie Le Tour, in the Friends household. The mother of the boy is Caroline Jackson, daughter of townie Brandon Lilliard and CAS Sim Jessy Jackson. Mitch, already an elder at this point, is in the background doing dishes.

Townie Brandi LeTourneau with her youngest daughter. The father of the girl is Matthias Burb, son of John & Jennifer. In the other picture, the same girl as a child. I think her name was Eveline, but I am not sure

A not so good picture, but the only 1 I have of the girl (lost a lot of the pictures of my 1st generation born in-game). The girl is Kelly Star, daughter of Nina Caliente (married Star) and Herb Oldie (he died before Nina gave birth). The boy is Laurens Langerak, eldest son of Kaylynn Langerak and Gordon King. Kelly was a Romance Sim, just like her mother Nina. The boy here ended up being the father of her twin daughters, but that was an accident rather than true love
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Default Daugther of Mortimer Goth and Dina

This is Laquisha Goth, she was conceived before Mortimer died but was born after his death. So Dina couldn't marry Mortimer. Yet she got to move into the Goth mansion because of her
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#337 Old 26th Nov 2020 at 8:57 PM
Here we have the teens from Veronaville: Richard, Regan's son, and Oswald, Goneril's son, Creusa and Hector, Bianca and Kent children, Quince and Flute, Titania and Oberon's sons.
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Sophie Tinker, Wanda & Stephen's 2nd daughter. The baby she is holding is her nephew, the son of her sister Melody with Beau Broke

Gabriele Caliente, son of Dina & Mortimer:

Sam Stacks, son of SSU premade Jane Stacks and Don Lothario (showed a picture of him as a toddler before)

Daniel Pleasant and Kaylynn Langerak's 2 daughters: Katrien (teenager) and Michelle (toddler)

My favourite teenagers: Veerle and Giorgiana Pitts, Dina Caliente & Ashley Pitts's twin daughters.
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#339 Old 12th Dec 2020 at 1:06 PM
One Riverblossom Hills and one Desiderata Valley descendant. This is Alexia Roth, Sandra's and Xander's ACR much younger sister (they were both off at uni when she was born) and Elias Lewis, Pauline Aspir-Lewis and townie Nawwaf Lewis' son.

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