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Hello There,
I was modding a SocialData XML and i saw the current line
<AD val="0x00000002">
<Misc ITLA="50" r="4" />
The Val word with the following 0x00000002 is a ActionDataBit, but i can't find how do i know all the ActionDataBits to continue modding this XML the way i want. Each means an interaction is allowed for example: While holding an umbrella, if the SIM is pregnant and more...
BUT i don't know all of them and the numbers that comes with all these ActionDatas, i know it is in "Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.ActionData.ActionDataBits" BUT, i can only find the names, not the Bits (numbers).
Can someone who has access to XML mod applications give me the names and numbers of ActionDataBits?
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probably goes into modding forum.

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There. Mystery solved.
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#3 Old 29th Nov 2020 at 1:03 PM Last edited by Lyralei : 29th Nov 2020 at 1:06 PM. Reason: Added the extracted actiondatabits
Arsil seemingly has a few lines and explanations of it in their XML file (and I think @gamefreak130 did too in one of the mods they did?) But basically, the 'basics' of the AD stuff is as followed (See XML spoiler button):

Now, if you're new to modding, calculating bits sounds like some super high end hackerman programmer stuff... but it can actually be done with your (windows) calculator!  First, you want to change it to 'programmer' and change it to 'hex' if it isn't. 

(here's the reference again)

DisallowedIfPregnant = 0x00000001
DisallowWhileCarryingChild = 0x00000008
DisallowWhileCarryingMinorPet = 0x00040000
IsAllowedWhileCarryingUmbrella = 0x00080000 +

So in your case we want '0x00000001' and 0x00080000. type in '1 + 80000' and voila: 80001 !

Hope this helps!

Here's the fully extracted actionDataBits!

       None = 0x00000000,
    DisallowedIfPregnant = 0x00000001,
    IsGroupSocial = 0x00000002,
    IsTerminating = 0x00000004,
    DisallowWhileCarryingChild = 0x00000008,
    IsADominantSTCSocial = 0x00000010,
    DoesSocialOnlyAppearWhenSTCIsCurrent = 0x00000020,
    TurnOffLookAtsDuringSocial = 0x00000040,
    CanUngreetedSimsReceiveThisSocial = 0x00000080,
    IsAllowedWhileHoldingADrink = 0x00000100,
    AppearsOnTopLevel = 0x00000200,
    ReverseAfterLoop = 0x00000400,
    CelebrityImpressCheck = 0x00000800,
    FunMotiveExit = 0x00001000,
    ForceCreateJig = 0x00002000,
    SocialCanBeDoneToMounedHorse = 0x00004000,
    DisallowAutonomousWhileSunburnt = 0x00008000,
    AllowPetToInitiate = 0x00010000,
    AllowInteractionWithSimOnHorse = 0x00020000,
    DisallowWhileCarryingMinorPet = 0x00040000,
    IsAllowedWhileCarryingUmbrella = 0x00080000,
    IsAllowedWhileScubaDiving = 0x00100000
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