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Default The Sims 4 - Interior / Room Pictures (v1)
I haven't seen a thread like this in the Sims 4 section and I do think we need one. Please post all your pictures showcasing interiors and rooms in here.
Here are some pictures of the indoor areas of Cypress Manor to start up the thread.

Master Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
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Here's a little bit of a house I've been working on.. None of the rooms shown are fully done yet.

Living room-

Galley kitchen-

Dining room-

Downstairs guest bathroom-

Upstairs master bedroom-

Computer desk in master bedroom-

Couch in master bedroom-

Master bathroom-

Upstairs second living area-

More of the second living area-

And there's a lot more in the works, including a pool with an island in the middle complete with a bar.
I'll post more pictures as I finish it up!
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love that cushion lol

There is no Planet B
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What's the name of that sofa cushion?
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Here are some pictures of the house I've been working for past few days (not finished yet):

Big open space (kitchen, dining and living area)

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Garage and working space (I love majectic grumpy cat)

Lounge arenas

Gym and pool

And here's how the house looks like:

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My Kitchen...

A lot of ceiling lights.............
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Some bathrooms i've finished today:

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I attached an office to my small cottage and so far it's my favourite room!
The chair is a career reward and to be honest the first one I got in Sims 4.

Call me Sukie please :)
My simblr: Paperheart Sims
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#9 Old 17th Jan 2016 at 3:38 AM
The small secondary living room/kids tv room.

Flynn's bedroom.

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I think the ballet studio part of my photo studio is going pretty well... I think Sugar Plum Faerie likes it! XD

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Hope this thread is still alive... because I love making rooms! Here are some rooms I made. I edited the pictures in Photoshop and I've been using a Sims 4 tray exchange program (forgot the full name at the time) that allows you to replace the default gallery picture with your own. I feel like the snapshots of rooms uploaded in the gallery don't always do the rooms justice!

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I wish this thread was more popular, decorating can be great in this game.
This is youngest teenager Megara's bedroom.

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Eclectic interiors I guess? Bit of classic meets modern, nrs 5 to 8 are from a spa.
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Really liked the character of this house

#16 Old 15th Jul 2020 at 11:53 PM
Maybe this pic is far to low detail to fit the thread but here it goes anyway...

I did redecorate a lot in Willow Creek today and I must say that I'm quite happy whit the result.

Maybe I should have picked an other sofa but I really like the living room in general. The big thing over the window in the toilet is the speaker that did come whit the Spa Day Game Pack. (Because we all like to listen to music while we take a d... ). I did steal the design of the bedroom directly from the game. There was a pre-made room in build mode that looked very similar. The white "cloud" over the bed is actually a snowflake (I think ).
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Here are som rooms in my latest house that I'm extra happy with.

I liked the bathroom and the kitchen.

I also showed the outdoor areas even though they may not fit in this thread, because I like how they have i little breakfast spot in the morning sun on the frontside of the yard, and a spot to hang out in the afternoon sun in the backyard.

Kids room




Study & Music room

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All very pretty houses! Keep up the good work!

I know it's been a long time since my last post in this forum, but I also wanted to contribute in this topic, uploading my last house prj
I fell in love with this doll house pic ---->)
and I though it might look good in the Sims4!

It's a house for a single person (that's why the glazed bathroom LOL)
All the cc contents are not mine, so I thank all the creators!

Ps. the laundry room is behind the kitchen, outdoor access
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In this save the Landgraabs are older and Morgan is an young adult. Today I did re-decorate their kitchen and the family. (Spoiler alert: Nancy still thinks the room looks boring).

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Lately, I've been trying to recreate a suburban apartment.

Again, no cc are mine, so I thank all the creators

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