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Werewolf form problem!
Hello! I know Supernatural is a few years old, but I got it only like 2 months ago. Needless to say, it's my favorite expansion pack, and I especially love the werewolves and fairies. Anyways, I've been coming across this really annoying glitch. When my werewolf human transforms in to werewolf form, his face and hair COMPLETELY changes. They way I edited him in werewolf form is no longer showing. I made him look nice, but now his face just looks like the generic pre-made werewolf they give you in CAS. I have read about this glitch from others in the past, and it's seems as though they never did fix it, even after all these years. His face actually changed like 3 times over the course I've been playing with him. Now his face is the worst of all, and I cannot stand his hair. I'm tempted to just make another werewolf, but this one already has his lycanthropy skill maximized, and is already in a special relationship that I don't want to mess up. Plus I'm sure even if I did make another one to replace him, the same glitch would eventually happen. His human form is perfect, but I just cannot stand his werewolf form. I did not realize it would bother this much, but now it is. Does anyone know if there IS something I can do to fix it? I cannot edit werewolf form anywhere. I use testingcheatsenabled true to edit him in CAS, but I still cannot edit werewolf form. I've tried to reset him, but nothing works. Is anyone still having this problem that still plays Supernatural? Thank you so much!
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I think I recall reading somewhere that editing him through NRaas' MasterController does the trick, since there's some glitch with EA's CAS that prevents you from saving his custom werewolf form properly (or something of the sort). You won't be able to change his looks through the mirror or dresser after that, however. (Unless you want him to revert back to having his appearance randomized.) Growing up also resets his werewolf face, so you might want to save an edited adult/elder version of him to the library in MC's CAS while you're at it.
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Thank you! I have heard about the master controller, but I never downloaded it. I finally did today, and it fixed my problem. I was able to edit him. Thank you so much again!
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