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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could offer some ideas for a bit of a story with my characters. I have two male sims, a vampire and a werewolf, living together. They are boyfriends as well. I'll describe them for you. My vampire's name is Clarence Adamsdale. He is a young adult (97 days till adult). His traits are Brooding, Rebellious, Night Owl, Commitment Issues, and Grumpy. Despite all this, he managed to find a boyfriend. The werewolf's name is Argus Brown (He's a townie in Moonlight Falls). He will be an adult in 8 days and his traits are Unflirty, Brooding, Loves the Outdoors, Neat, and Inappropriate. Any ideas will be much appreciated!
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Take them to a park where a witch or two is flinging random Love Charms and see if their relationship can survive. (Agnes Crumplebottom seems to be good for that. Or her sister.)

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