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Default Minor characters! Share the love!
Just a thought to resurrect the deadness of the thread. Ignore Raoul, Christine, and that caped crazy we all love so much - what about the minor characters? Love the managers and their fun? Have a fondness for Meg? It doesn't have to be from the musical - go nuts! From Susan Kay to Leroux to the movie to whatever - share your love for the entertaining characters at the sides of our favourite doomed love-triangle!

A personal recently-discovered favourite of mine is actually, of things, Piangi! I have to admit I largely ignored him in the 2004 movie as a rather boring character, but I went to see the stage show in London last year - and boy, was the actor who played Piangi entertaining! He played him as a delightful, perky little guy - okay, with a talent for hammy over-acting in the 'operas', but overall a rather touchingly sweet relationship with Carlotta! It was an absolutely adorable comic moment to watch his face fall when the Phantom rather sardonically remarks he needs to 'lose some weight - it's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age.' Probably the only time I've ever regretted 'Point of No Return' and felt a slight snit against the Phantom - Piangi is far too adorable to deserve Punjabbing dude, what ARE you doing? Based on that alone, Carlotta/Piangi are probably one of my favourite onstage couples, and that's counting the twisty R/C, or E/C pairings...
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Oh, thanks for 'alive-ing' the thread!
And I like Piangi, too, in some strange way
Well, I really like Carlotta, Madam Giry and the Persian. However, both Giry and Persian (in the movie/musical they are combined into one person) disappointed me at the end... cause they showed the Raoul the way to get Christine back But, there is also one thing that always confused me: did Giry wanted to help Erik or Raoul? You know, they went down that dungeon-round like stairs (and since that Giry was the same as Persian, she probably knew for his traps; she also knew the way to the mirrored room), so, she stopped with Raoul, and she told 'This is the far as they go; Keep your hands at the level at your eyes'. But, she didn't warn him for traps? And we all know that he dropped through the floor several steps down, into that pool with cage bars... It really confuses me. And in the book, Giry is the only character fully loyal and nice to Erik...?

And for the Persian, I like him cause he saved Erik, but, at end, he helped Raoul... I know that both him and Giry wanted to save Christine, but did both of them wanted to help Erik? Persian was there, in the opera house, walking and stalking like a ghost (like Phantom), but he just disappointed me... and I don't blame Erik, when at the end of the book he wanted to kill both Raoul and Persian.

And, Carlotta... well she is sooooooooo funny and interesting character! She is obsessed with all that fame-diva-money things, and in the book, there is one character similar to her (also with richly decorated dressing room; I think that the Carlotta's room in the movie is based on that one in the book) and it's Miss Soreli. Also, my ex-girlfriend, really liked Carlotta, too, especially the part at the beginning, the lines 'For the past three years these things to do happen... This thing does not happen' (she says it with some Spanish/Italian accent). Personally, I also think about it as a funny part of the story Probably, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gaston Leroux wanted to add a bit of humor to this gothic-based love story.

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