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Default Prop Hack?
hello everyone!

I've been thinking and i would liek to make a prop hack just similar to Adele and decorgal's one.

I would like to have an object placeable on a hand in game, Not An accesory.

Can someone please help me? =[
Thanks again <3
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Object placeable on a hand in game, not an accessory? Umm accessories are objects. I don't get what you mean :P

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Astaroth600, I think Akihiro is distinguishing Bodyshop accessories (e.g. a pair of glasses whose shape and texture has been altered to look like a sword) from accessories such as the handheld "Primp" mirror which is an object snapped into a hand slot.

There are examples (user-made and EA-made instances) you can look at where objects are snapped into the body slot(s) the compose the hand. You mentioned some. If I recall correctly, sometimes objects snapped into these slots are automatically deleted (not permanently, just the particular instance of the object) once the interaction is complete.

You would need to create the object and the means (i.e. an interaction) to snap the object into a body slot. Here is some information on the Body Slots.

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Thank you for replying but yeah the link you gaved me doesn't really solve the problem i want to solve...

I mean its helpfull but what im basicly saying and trying to learn is :

How can I create a Prop Hack just like Jixs, and or Adele/Decorgal own.

Are there any tutorials which can help me otu with that? Please. I make movies and i would really need it. thanks again! :D
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