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Default Adding a Spotlight object to a PROP ?
Hello Guys!

I'm working on a Horror Movie and I will be creating a special flashlight.

I was wondering if it was possible, as I am thinking on making this flashlight as the Game's Garden spotlight object to ASSIGN it as a Prop like the hacks.

The only problem is that I dont know how to do the Prop assigning stuff ( I know how to make Accesories , but not Prop) , and i would like to know who could help me on this. Really! I need help

Thanks again!
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A handheld prop is just like an ordinary decorative object. In the case of handheld props, though, it is spawned and placed in the Sim's hand via some means, such as an interaction on a special painting. I recall reading a long time ago that handheld props are often automatically deleted when an interaction is over, but you can manually delete it using Remove Instance and its object ID.

Since I am still without a computer (yes, I'm typing this using coconuts, rocks, twigs and leafy vines), I can't test how well this would work. But why not clone the spotlight and change its object placement (Changing the object Placement) to fit in the Sim's hand and then change the mesh/texture? You might have to go into the CRES and fiddle with slot translations and/or rotations of the light (I don't know if the LGHT file would need to be tweaked).

In theory, I would think it would work as you'd like. But like I said, I can't try it to know for certain. If you're looking at an existing prop hack, I would suggest implementing the spawning/snapping to the Sim's hand as it is done there.

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Because of i think it would need a lot of additional things, wouldnt it be more easy to just clone
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since it posses almost all demanded attributes allready build in.
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