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Default Object Texture Animation , HELP! PLEASE!
Hello all!
I've been looking around Jwoods' Animated Windows and Doors, And I would of like if anyone there could help me, to make a custom object Texture animation PLEASE! =[

I would like to do just a 4 verticles and 2 faces Frame/plane ( like just a square )
so i can assign the animated texture of another rainy day.

Please u guys can you please help me its urgent! O=
Thanks again!

Much love! <3 -Alex
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I'm not sure what exactly you're wanting.

If you're wanting to learn how to make an object, try the Sims 2 start to finish Object Creation Tutorial.

If you need help making an animated texture, try the Modding InfoCenter - Creating an Animation Cell Re-Color.

If you're looking for a pre-made, square object to work as an overlay, try Pixelhate's Recolourable FullPoster "Wall Overlay - Wall Animation".

If you're trying to make a request, that's not allowed.

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