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Default Can any "age" modders help?
This isn't really a feedback thread per se, but I do want to ask a question regarding creations.

Sim age mods, we all know about them, some of us know how to make them, but can someone help me with some of the labels. I only know a few of them and was wondering if anybody could help me figure out the rest?

More specifically, Labels 10-22 and 27-28 in the BCON file?
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Thanks, but you could of been a bit nicer about it.
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To be honest I don't understand your question. In order to try to understand it, I opened up the BCON to which you referred in SimPE and attach the picture of what I see which appears to have more of the labels filled in than you do.

Your question sounded like a general Sim age BHAV/BCON question, but turns out to be a specific question about the Age Controller object and the constants it (and only it since it is a private BCON) uses to represent various limits for different ages.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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