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Default "A Friend Indeed" Mod for Sims2?
Hey everyone!

I wanted to ask all of you modders around here, if someone could create a mod which acts like the old Sims1 "A Friend Indeed" spell (Makin' Magic). I mean a mod which turns pets into humans (and vice versa). Is it possible to create something like this? Would someone do that?

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This thread may get locked or deleted, because MTS does not have any forum or thread where you can post a request. But you can find someone who takes requests here.

(Possible? Perhaps, but I'm doubtful. It sounds like it would be very complicated. I don't know if that would even be possible with editing raw values outside the game with the SimPE. But I'm certainly no expert. For all I know, you could simply shove the Sim off-world---like they are whenever they are at work or school---and spawn a new pet to appear in its place, but that might be problematic in its own ways. *shrugs*)

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