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Cold water with a thin layer of thin ice on the top splashed Andrea's face and she shot up awake. Shivering in her thin layered dress, Andrea made a sprint home. It was the dead of night and the main gates to the village were closed leaveing Andrea to climb over the wall of thorny bushes and poisen ivy. Finally over the wall a little scratched up but without being touched by poisen ivy, Andrea slammed to the ground and was immdiatly greeted by a guard. The guard grabbed Andrea by the arm and pulled her up so he could see her face. He began to laugh, " Its little youngling Andrea, whats your excuse? Fell asleep by the harbor again?" The guard asked. " Yes, and dont call me youngling again or you will meet my blade." The guard immdiatly let Andrea go, knowing not to test her temper. Slipping inside her home, Andrea slipped into her room and slipped under her covers and faked asleep. An elf woman about 900 years old slunk in the room. She had tooken care of Andrea ever since she was little, But now she was sort of like a second mother to Andrea even though Andrea wanted her to leave and live her own life. Her hair had greyed due to all the stress Andrea caused her when she was young, yet the elf still looked to be only 25 years old. " Andrea, I know your awake." The woman laughed. " I heard you come in. You need to stop this Andrea, your worrying me, your worrying your old Lydia." " I'm sorry, I can't really help it, The harbor is my favorite place. I love the water. Except I wear myself down.. then I fall asleep and then I come home really late." Andrea snapped back. "Well get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning." And Lydia left the room. Andrea wished she'd just leave sometimes. "I guess she's right though, I better get some sleep." And soon, Andrea was out like a light. (note: welcome SwirlyHill!)
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Age: 913
Name: Arethusa
Bio: Arethusa was once a Water Fairy, but grew weary of the underwater world. She took a L'eau jewel, which enables her to live on dry land. However, if she is seperated from this jewel, she will drown unless she is placed in the water or the jewel is returned. The jewel can be rejuvinated by being placed in water during the full moon. If it is not rejuvinated for three full moons in a row, it will crack and she will have to return to water until she can find a replacement.
Race: Fairy
Classes: Enchantress - Can control the weather but only when her jewel is more than half charged or she is in water/ Ritualist - Elemental spirits/
Elemantalist - Water
Weapons: Her powers and a crystal sword.
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Character name: Husky
Age: 16
Race: Morpher
Sub-Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Weapons: IceLife Sword
Bio: Huskys mother was morpher/human and her name was lord SkyNight her mother tried to get her father, Lord Ore to love her but he left them after Husky was born her mother was killed from a pack of warriors who didnt like humans mixing with morphers, and left the child soon wolfs had found the kid and took it in and took it to a town but soon her father was killed by the warriors also husky doesnt remember much of her history she remembers her mothers death and her father leaving and the wolfs but nothing more, Husky is determaned to find the killers off her mother and father
(here is her picture)
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8th Mar 2010 at 10:16 PM
This message has been deleted by HuskyGirl65.
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HuskyGirl - Considering the last post before yours was made over two years ago, I would say this RP is dead and buried. When interested in joining an RP, please check the last post date, to make sure it's actually alive. If it's been more than two months since the last post, I would say the RP is dead. If you'd still like to join it, why not post in the Roleplay Brainstorming/Planning Thread, and ask if anyone is still interested and up for it? Bumping threads that are long dead does tend to cause a bit of annoyance. (And I say this with the best of intentions, in order to help, not to be a b*tch.)

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ok... didnt see it sorry... i am new here, ok
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I realize that, which is why I offered some friendly advice.

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Application to leave reality
Name: Nathen the Pupcromancer
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Morpher
-Dervish (preist that fights instead of healing)
Weapons: Enchanted Crossbow, Enchanted Sword, Magic Staves (One for each of the 8 main elements), magic ring.
Bio: Nothing much is really known about him...except this: He like to...
History: Again, nothing much is known about him...
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12th Aug 2010 at 4:52 PM
This message has been deleted by Pupdudeisback. Reason: Dual application
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Pupdudeisback - Please read the messages above your post. This roleplay is dead. In fact, it's a really good idea to always read through the last couple of posts in a thread, as well as look at the date they were made, in order not to bump a thread that's dead. If you find yourself interested in a roleplay that has been abandoned, please post in the brainstorming thread first, so that it might be established whether or not other people are interested in reviving it, before posting in the thread itself.
Thank you.

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