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#626 Old 8th Apr 2008 at 12:13 AM
"Yep," he said smiling. Arthur was a real pleb, and he was gonna get what's coming.
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#627 Old 16th Apr 2008 at 2:36 PM
Sam darted into the bathroom and reammerged in a towel.
'Hey, Arthur, I say we all streak to the pool, you chicken?'
Sam grinned, she was wearing a swimsuit underneath the towel, she'd explain the plan to everyone else and when they dropped their towels, Arthur would be the only one naked. Evil, but brilliant.
#628 Old 16th Apr 2008 at 4:30 PM
Emme heard a commotion and walked right past the others to the water. She stripped down to her boy shorts and bra and sat on the diving board. She was about to jump in when she heard footsteps, and turned her head to see Max.

"Hey." She said, smiling slightly flirtaciously. "Join me for a swim?" She asked, getting into the shallow end, the water touching her stomach, sending a chill through her petite body.
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"Aww, but I wanted to show off my new swimmythings, they're glow in the dark!" Arthur exclaimed, frowning slightly and staring at the Star Wars themed trunks he had just changed into. Oh well... at least they had already seen them, right? Too bad it wasn't dark enough for him to display all of their glowy splendor.

"Can we at least wait until it gets darker and you can see them glowing?" He tried compromising reluctantly, unused to not getting his way but absolutely refusing to be called a chicken.
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18th Apr 2008 at 10:34 PM
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"Nah, he's to much of a wimp to do it," he said dissmissivley.
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(( =P I cued Max))
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19th Apr 2008 at 7:06 PM
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Originally Posted by SwirlyHill
Max gave a slightly worried smile, he wasn't sure if Emme was trying to be sexy or slutty.
'Uh, sure' He replied 'Don't have any swimmies with you then?'

Em shook her head, and swam around. Her shorts were drenched, but she managed to float on her back and look up at the sky, which was dark. (right? it's night?)

She noticed Max's ambivalence. "I won't bite." She said with a smile, and closed her eyes, floating.
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Name:Samantha Kristy
Short Bio:Samantha is caleld Sam or Sammy by friends.She is 14 and loves to have lots of fun.
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