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Dangerous And Moving - Apps Open

"Obstacles And Signs
Perilous And Looming
Dangerous And Moving" - t.A.T.u. - Dangerous And Moving Album

The date is 1808 You're walking home and see something from out of the corner of your eye you turn around and see a black shadow you become weak and paralyzed the last thing you know you're on the ground.
Two hundred years have passed you start to wake up and you're in a room all alone it's dark and cold you sit up looking around.
The walls are 40 feet high you get out of the room and see you're in a maze type castle. You walk and walk constantly hearing noises and you see a calender the year 2008 you fall to your knees in disbelief. You look for a way out no windows to break for an escape. You're thinking if you're the only one there... You're not.....

___________________________Morality_______________ _____________
You start out as a human but at night you can either turn into a Vampire, Ghost, Undead, Animal, or You can be a Prizrak Guard.
Prizrak "Призрак" (Pr-eez-r-ah-k) means "Ghost" in Russian so otherwise know as "Ghost Guards".
Now a Prizrak Guard is the evil ones who try to keep the Humans/(Their Other Morality) inside the Maze Castle forever and torture the humans/(Their Other Morality).
If you happen to be a Prizrak Guard beware you die of sunlight.

1.Pavori Luna Zervakina (danishani2)
2.Lydia Page (boombands)



1.Emily (SwirlyHill)


_________________________Powers___________________ ____________
Each Morality has two powers.

Animal: Can change into any type of animal as desired, Element of Water.

Ghost: Can walk through walls of rooms and doors, Element of Air

Vampire: Can eat food and drink others things besides blood, Element of Fire

Undead: If stopped by a Prizrak Guard you can actually "play" dead r if any other emergency, Element of Earth.

Prizrak Guard: Defeats the humans/(Their Other Morality), Has all elements.

__________________________Locations_______________ _____________
Main Room: The room in the middle of the Castle that leads to all the halls and other rooms.

Hidden Rooms: These rooms can provide freedom or Danger.

Wake Up Room: This is your room where you woke up in.

The Secret Graveyard: This is the graveyard that's inside the castle it can be found through one of the hidden rooms it's still hollow ground so everyone can meet here except for The Prizrak Guards.

The Basement: This is where the jail cells are if you get caught in a hidden room by a Prizrak Guard.

Outside: The outside of the castle this will be used in the end.

Battle Arena: This is where if a Prizrak Guard and a Human/(Their Other Morality) meet and fight (reminder no one gets killed just severely injured).

Main Halls: These halls are large in length and width they come from the Main Room in the middle of the castle these halls lead to other halls that turn into a maze.

________________________The Roleplay___________________________

You're human when you're captured in this place after two hundred years later you have an ability to change in the night. You change into the opposite like another Morality as in a Vampire, Ghost, Undead and Animal.
It's freeform just make sure if you have any ideas with other players PM them first.
Nobody can die unless that person can no longer participate in the RP PM me and I can arrange a death or just say it on this thread and me and other memebers can work something out or if you're a Prizrak Guard you stay alive in the castle but if exposed outside you will evaporate.
You will be allowed talents like playing instruments, Gymnastics, etc. you name it they will be in the castle.
In the end of the RP everyone will escape.

___________________Information Of Your Character__________________


Age: (You never age in the castle or even if you escape you still don't age so put the age when you were captured)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Other Morality: (You choose your other morality that you turn into at night)



Picture: (Must be a sim in their human form and their other morality)
__________________________________________________ ____________
For those who want to be a Prizrak Guard heres your info to fill out.
(Prizak Guards can be Female or Male)


Age: (Prizak Guards have ages doesen't matter how old or young)


Biography: (How you became a Prizak Guard)

Picture: (Must be a sim)
__________________________________________________ ____________

RULES: Follow the RP rules in the forum!

Ok there it is so I hope people will join this RP enjoy it if you do!
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Name: Pavori Luna Zervakina

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Other Morality: Vampire

Talents: Plays the Violin and Piano, Speaks Russian, Can do amazing tricks and illusions with her element.

Biography: Pavori was born in Stavropol,Russia in 1792 at 2:29 AM.
She grew up with her brother Deverek and her sister Voriya and her parents her Mom Luvina and Dad Olavik .
Her siblings are twins Pavori is the single and is two years younger than her siblings. She grew up in a happy childhood but was mostly an outsider to her friends. When she was eleven her and her family decided to go for a change and move to The United States on the way there since it was 1801 there were no planes to fly you across so they sailed across the ocean there. But on the way there was a terrible accident it as five days on the water the boat was tipped over by shark infested waters on Pavori and her parents survived. Pavori's siblings were dead at sea. After an hour another couple from Russia was also on their way to the USA and saw them and helped them on the boat and made it to land.
They lived in a little cabin in the woods.
Ever since Pavori hasn't been the same she use to be the sweet and gentle little girl and ever since that accident she's been sarcastic and daring.
By the time Pavori turned thirteen she knew the whole English alphabet ad language but her Russian accent comes through when she speaks English.
Pavori would collect rocks every year near her siblings graves for protection bcause she knew her siblings were watching over her. Everynight at eleven since that was the age when she lost her siblings she would go to their graves and mourn because she knew she lost her two best friends in the world.
The day she turned sixteen she collected her rocks and would start a little fire since it was her birthday but she didn't care if the whole forest burned down all she wanted were her brother and sister back. She heard her name being called by her dad so she dropped her rocks in the fire and walked away thats when she got captured. Now she doesen't have anybody but maybe she can make new friends to help her along the way in this Castle.


Family Photo

Human Pavori

Vampire Pavori

Normal Pavori and her Element Fire

Vampire Pavori and her Element Fire
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Name: Emily

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Other Morality: Animal, snow bengal cat

Talents: Gymnastics, use to belong to the circus.

Biography: Emily has longed for a last name, but, has never known her parents. Abandoned on an orphange doorstep, the owners of the place were cruel and sadistic, often dealing out harsh beatings for as little as coughing at the wrong time. Gathering her friends, they fled from the orphanage and joined the circus, most working as stage hands, though Emily's pleasant appearance earned her a position as a trapeze artist.


(( Just like to point out her hair is longer, to her waist, and not bleach blonde, but WHITE, snow white. Oki doke? ))
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Great App SwirlyHill!
I can't wait to get this RP going I hope more people will join.
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Name:Lydia Page

Age: 21

Gender: female

Other Morality: vampire

Talents: swordfighting

Biography: Lydia was born to a wealthy family but her parents were never around. They constantly traveled the world, Lydia was raised by a constant steam of nannies. She never lacked for material things but has always lacked love.

Picture: I hope it's okay if I use a real person because I'm on my laptop at college and have zero access to the computer i play sims on
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When're we gonna start? =)
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Swirly - You keep asking that in RPs that only have three or four applications... I mean, this one is of course up to dani, but most game hosts tend to want more than a mere 3 characters. Otherwise there's a chance the RP won't float. At least not for very long, and that's a shame.

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I can't wait to start either Swirly I just need atleast 1 person assigned to every other morality. And need 1 Prizrak guard so we can start. Or if someone else decides to join I'll have it going with 4 people in this RP we'll start off at that. so far it's 3 I just need one more and I will go ahead and start off this RP. Thanks for Applying boombands app looks great and yes that's fine I understand.
And trhanks Atropa for also saying that lol.
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I didn't mean it in a 'Let's go, when are we gonna go? Let's go!' sort of way, I was more wondering what the trigger was to start. For example, starting when we have seven players, on the 29th, when we have a player in each category. Like that, if you understand me? ^_^
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Originally Posted by SwirlyHill
I didn't mean it in a 'Let's go, when are we gonna go? Let's go!' sort of way, I was more wondering what the trigger was to start. For example, starting when we have seven players, on the 29th, when we have a player in each category. Like that, if you understand me? ^_^

Oh lol I understand totally .
When atleast theres about 4 to 5 players (more to 5 players) and once I assign them I will start the RP.
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Name: Bella Stranger

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Other Morality: Ghost

Talents: Can speak Irish and French, sher can sing sadly and soulfully.

Biography: Bella was born to a normal family who were quite happy. She always used to play in the streets with her brother and soon afterwards, her sister.



Human Form:

Ghost Form:

Oh and i was meaning to ask, can we create another play, as in, can we have more than one person, oh and i won't be on weekdays, because i have school and stuff, but i might, you never know with me.
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Name: Rose Cross

Age: 20 years of age at the time of capture.

Gender: Female.

Other Morality: Vampire.

Talents: Literature, she loves to write and very well at that, Persuasion, she can very easily sway the stubbornest people.

Biography: Rose was born in 1788 to her mother, Mary, and father, Dunsten. They lived in Paris, France. When she was just 10 years old, her father tortured her mother to death. Intent on killing Rose too, sadistic Dunsten went after her. Rose ran away, she ran for 4 days. Hoping never to go back again.

5 years later when she was 14, she met a boy, they became romantically envolved. They snuck around behind his parents' and the communities' back, a great taboo at the time. 9 months later she gave birth to her first and only son, Jacob. She loved her son deeply, so when that boy insisted that she give the baby up, she could not bear to let him go. Leaving her lover in Paris, she ventured away, with her miracle, Jacob.

And yet another 5 years later, she left Jacob with one of her workmates, as she had to go to work. It was late at night when she finished. She finished up and went outside to brave the cold weather. She walked through the deep purple night. She took her usual route home, or so she thought, only when she started walking down an unfamiliar street did she realise she was lost, lost in an ocean of black. She took a turn down a long, narrow alley way.

A shadow passed by her quickly. She quickened her pace. Once again, the cape of black passed the pavement in front of her. Rose suddenly felt dizzy, and almost seasick. Her head spun. She collapsed to the ground. Her last vision was that of a cloaked figure, poised to kill...

Rose with Jacob on December 3rd, 1807

Human Rose

Vampire Rose
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Noah James





Other Morality:

Talents: Noah is a very good judge of character, so his intelligence can be seen as a talent, but he has a caring nature that can calm others.

Noah was 20 years old when he was captured. He was born to a small family in London, and was raised well, but was always let to do anything he wanted. Of course, with this freedom came danger. He liked to wander and was a very curious boy. At the age of 20, he was in a certain city and was captured. He remembers his family vaguely, but wants to begin a new life. He is a little distant with those he doesn't know, because he has had his heart broken a few times.


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Name-Henry Smith
Other Morality-Ghost
Talents-good with weapons, spec ops. Very athletic and smart.
Bio-Loves burgers, heavy metal, and the color black. He is brave, can apprehend burglars, knows how to salute, steals things, and loves fire and dangerous situations. His lifetime wish is to be a firefighter and save 30 people.
Alive picture-
Ghost picture-

I'm addicted to this website.
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kevmp1198 - While we're always glad to see new players in this forum, I do have to point out that looking at the last posting date of a thread before joining, is a good thing. If you look at the date of the post before yours, you'll notice it was made in October 2008; it's over one and a half years old. Ergo, this roleplay is, unfortunately, dead.

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