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¤ The Hidden Palace IV: World of Ruins ¤ APPLICATIONS OPEN

¤ The Hidden Palace IV: World of Ruins ¤

The world as we know it is a false reality, and what we believe to be true is actually fiction. What we are actually living in is The Matrix, a simulated reality that is controlled by The Machines. These Machines keep humans in an unconscious state of mind, in which they believe they are living their lives as normal human beings, but in reality they are prisoners in a world of ruins. We must destroy these Machines at the source, or the Hidden Palace. Once you destroy the Hidden Palace and everything inside, the world will be free again. You will most likely encounter Agents, who will kill anyone who questions The Matrix. If you join us on our journey, you will encounter countless events deaths. There is no turning back once you have entered.

How To Play

Welcome to the Hidden Palace IV: World of Ruins based off The Matrix! This will be based in the future (around 2360). The concept of this game is to find the Hidden Palace, which is the source of The Matrix. Once you enter the Hidden Palace (The Source), you can destroy The Matrix. Throughout your journey, you and your companions will vote on which city to visit (one at a time). However, traitors will try to lead you in the wrong direction by purposely voting for the wrong cities. Mysterious events may take place in the time being. You and your companions are only able to visit cities that surround the current city you reside, so pick wisely.

Schedule & Voting Policies

Throughout this RP you will encounter two types of days (Sacrifices and Executions). You will post your vote within 48 hours after I make the Sacrifice post (unless I say otherwise). Last season I was pretty inconsistent regarding votes/times and so were the players lol, so this season there is a set time limit. Note that I will not be asking you to vote someone off every two days, there will always be time between sacrifices.

Sacrifice Days- Everyone votes on who to sacrifice (who you think is secretly an Agent/bad person) and which area to travel to next. You will post your vote, do not PM me your vote.

Execution Days- Agents will vote on one person to execute. Agents are the ONLY ones to vote on who to kill, and they all must agree together on who to kill by secretly communicating with eachother. If you are an agent and reading this you must PM me your vote/group's decision. If you are not an agent then you should be worried because you may be the one getting executed.

Cities & Ruins

Calypso Islan
Cave City
Chain City Ruins
Deserted Mountains
Freeland Island
Icy Fates
Machine City
Main Station
Pathless Erupt
Station A
Station B

Your Map

Your Map will help you decide where to travel next. These are all cities/ruins in the real world. This is NOT the Matrix. You are currently in Station A.

The Companions

1.Prudence Evander (Pilot)/ElektraNatchios33
2.Tristan Wolf/Haylifer
3.Henrietta Mylan (Operator)/FurryPanda
4.Spot Open
5.Spot Open
6.Spot Open
7.Spot Open
8.Spot Open
9.Spot Open
10.Spot Open
11.Spot Open
12.Spot Open
13.Spot Open
14.Spot Open
15.Spot Open
16.Spot Open
17.Spot Open
18.Spot Open
19.Spot Open
20.Spot Open
21.Spot Open
22.Spot Open
23.Spot Open
24.Spot Open
25.Spot Open
26.Spot Open
27.Spot Open
28.Spot Open

The Scoreboard

Jobs (Optional)

The Nebuchadnezzar (vessel) you are traveling in is very large, so if you would like to pick a specific job on the ship you are welcome to. All jobs excluding the first three are first come first serve. A vote will take place when the spots are taken up. If you would NOT like to be the Captain/first mate/ETC. you should say so in your application where it says "job". This way it will be easier to vote. This is mainly for RP purposes. Note that any person/position may very well be an Agent. If you have any questions about the jobs please ask!

1. Captain (A vote will take place)
2. First Mate (A vote will take place)
3. Running Mate (A vote will take place)
4. Pilot (2 Positions left)
5. Operators (5 Positions)
6. Mechanics (2 Positions)
7. Cleaning Crew (3 Positions)
8. Cooks (2 Positions)

The Rules

* Please follow all forum rules.
* Notify me if you want to quit or are on vacation.
* Keep off-topic conversations to a minimum
* Never tell your role to anyone! Never hint your role to anyone! Never reveal your role to anyone! This ruins the point of the game and the majority of the time people will lie about their roles. Who would admit to be an agent?l

The Application

Real Name:
Nick Name:
Job (optional):

If you have any questions about the RP please ask. The RP sounds pretty confusing, but it is actually very simple once you start to play. You also don't have to read the entire thing, because I know I'd get lazy. The Important parts are mostly "How to Play", "Schedule & Voting Policies", and "The Rules".
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Inside the Matrix

A total of 7 people can travel into The Matrix at a time. The ship only has a particular amount of simulation machines. Each time you enter, you are at great risk. You are vulnurable to interrogators and agents. The process to enter The Matrix is simple. Once you are inside the machines, you will be transfered into The Matrix via a hacked telephone line. Once you want to leave The Matrix you will go back to the telephone and dial 888. Remember that your body is still in the real world, but if you are killed in The Matrix you are killed in the real world.

This will be described more when the time comes. Though, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Life Span

In the real world and in The Matrix, it is critical to be at your top performance. The amount below will represent the amount of life, energy, and stamina you have. You can only take so much. Once your amount reaches zero, you will die. The amount of life you have will also determine how well you perform against the interrogator.

1. Prudence Evander (Pilot)/ElektraNatchios33 - 100/100
2.Tristan Wolf/Haylifer - 100/100
3.Henrietta Mylan (Operator)/FurryPanda - 100/100
4.Spot Open
5.Spot Open
6.Spot Open
7.Spot Open
8.Spot Open
9.Spot Open
10.Spot Open
11.Spot Open
12.Spot Open
13.Spot Open
14.Spot Open
15.Spot Open
16.Spot Open
17.Spot Open
18.Spot Open
19.Spot Open
20.Spot Open
21.Spot Open
22.Spot Open
23.Spot Open
24.Spot Open
25.Spot Open
26.Spot Open
27.Spot Open
28.Spot Open

Descriptions of Roles

You may never reveal your role. I will secretly PM you your role after all of the spots are taken up. Everyone is called a companion in this game despite that some people may not be companions.

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Default I'm first! *woot* - Prudence Evander App
Real Name: Prudence Evander

Nick Name: Prue

Age: 28

Occupation: Journalist


Prue was born and raised in a large city that she never knew the name of. She was taught by the book, never able to stray a page. Prue was a child, she didn't know any better. But as she got older, she became wiser, and understood that there was so much to learn that wasn't allowed to be taught. Prue, fascinated with learning, did extra studies from her home secretly. If anybody found out about what she was doing, she would no doubt be severly punished. Luckily, she was able to avoid detection for 6 years. Every cent she earned was put torwards more learning. Later, when Prue turned 23, she had learned the truth about their world, that there was something controlling them. She tried to convince her family, friends, strangers, to believe what was going on around them. Nobody did.

Prue spent the last 5 years in a psychiatric hospital, being treated for Schizoaffective Disorder. For 2 of those years, Prue has changed her views about life, and returned to normal. She was released 1 month ago. When returning to her home, she found journals, writing, pictures, and newspaper clippings about her theory. Curious as to what they were, Prue read all of it, and her beliefs about society are restored.

2332: Prudence is born
2337: Prudence starts school (1st Grade)
2346: Prudence starts studying forbidden material
2348: Gets internship at a local newspaper
2350: Prudence graduates
2352: Prudence stops studying forbidden material; Gets job as a journalist
2355: Prudence discovers the truth; admitted to hospital
2360: Prudence cured; Beliefs abour societ restored

Job (optional): Running for Captain; otherwise Pilot


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Thanks for joining Elektra! You've been added You will hold a pilot position and if you get voted as Captain you will give up your pilot position to another. If not, you will still be the pilot, however.

You got pretty much everything right, but The Machines live in the Real World, they keep the humans inside capsules in a "sleeping mode", where they are dreaming that they are living, when they are not. They are living in The Matrix, which is where the Agents are... So the Agents would be the ones that wouldn't allow people to read certain books, not the machines.

I hope that's not confusing, but if it is you can PM me or just post on here.

Here's a little bio for anyone who wants to read it because I don't think I gave enough background information anyways

The Real World

The Real world is what life is actually like, but people do not realize it. People that are awake live in fear underground, hiding from the machines, who will catch people and tie them up to tubes, and put them in a "sleeping mode". This is where the companions live and travel. The companions travel underground in The Nebuchadnezzar, which is their ship. Somewhere in the real world is The Hidden Palace.

The Matrix

This is the Matrix. It is a simulated reality, which means everything that happens in The Matrix is not real, despite that people think it is. They do not know they are actually tied up to tubes and living in a small box in the real world. They don't know what the real world is like because the machines put them to sleep. Basically, people are living a dream, when they are actually prisoners to The Machines. Most Agents live in The Matrix to make sure nothing suspicious goes on.
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Default Tristan Wolf - Application
*snaps off a quick salute*

Real Name: Tristan Wolf
Age: Appears to be in his early thirties.

"Who am I? The honest truth is I don't know. Few could tell you enough about me to fill even a small paragraph, and of those few I'm probably the worst to ask. Names, places.. they fly past me without ever sinking in. The earliest tendrils of memory I can recollect start two years ago. Harsh hospital striplights and a foul smell. And being alone. I remember that all too well. Lying on a metal bed, flayed with scars telling no tale of heroism, and nobody to explain just what was happening to me. That's why I'm here. I'm here for answers." He pauses, eyes losing their focus. "I'm sorry, can I help you..?"

: (Game's not working yet. I'll have one very shortly)

Job: Running for Captain.

Quick question, when we vote where to travel can it be anywhere or will it be only in adjacent cities like in HP3?
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Default Henrietta Mylan-App
Real Name: Henrietta Mylan
Nick Name: Henny
Age: 21
Occupation: scavenger
Biography: Henrietta was born like many other people, and wired into the matrix in her infancy. She lived in the world of the matrix for five years, like thousands of other children, believing fully in what her eyes told her was going on.

then when she was six, something changed in her mind. She had developed a rare brain disorder that led to seizures, hallucinations and some decay in her neural pathways. She was frightened and successfully hid her problem from her parents for a year, but on her seventh birthday she had the most violent seizure yet, and her physical body dislodged the cables securing her to the matrix. For the seven year old to awaken from a violent fit to find herself in a box was traumatic to say the least. She extricated herself from the machine and ran as far and as fast as she could.

By some bizarre stroke of luck no one noticed she was gone for two days, and then everyone assumed that little Henrietta had died of exposure.

They were wrong.

She had found her way underground in her panicked flight and been adopted by a group of people living outside and underneath of the matrix. Her brain disease had lost much of its severity when she wasn't wired to a system, and she can barely remember her family or life in the matrix. She left the group, frightened of their passionate wish to destroy the matrix, when she was 17. Since then she has scavenged for food and resources outside of the remains of civilization, until stumbling into another cell of anti-matrix. Having dsicovered that scavenging was not an attractive option she joined them happily, learning as much about technology as she could.

Job: Operator, not running for higher position

Picture: coming soon
((OOC: Hope that thats OK?))

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Thanks for joining Haylifer & FurryPanda! Both of your applications look good to me! And you will be traveling to places adjacent to the current cities you are in (like HP3).
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Would it be ok to have a character who was born in the real world, and thus wouldn't have the implants necessary to enter the Matrix? Or would you prefer that all characters are able to go into the Matrix?
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Either way is fine I'm going to leave apps up for a little over a week. We're gonna shoot for at least 15 people.
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I remember seeing The Hidden Palace II and III but I never joined. This really sounds interesting even though I've never seen the Matrix.

Is it okay if I used a child or a teenager?
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Out of curiosity, are the roles randomly assigned, or do you (123321) pick them based on the app? or is there another system?

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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You can use a child or a teenager No toddlers/babies (for future reference) though lol. Well, I guess you CAN but only for RP purposes, like if a mother has a child.

FurryPanda: They are usually randomly picked. Sometimes I will strategically pick based on apps, but 95% I count off randomly.
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I would love to join using a child Sim but I'm leaving for vacation today so I'll be able to post the application on Monday.
13th Aug 2008 at 8:55 PM
Default Application ~ Seph
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*jumps around stupidly* yayyayyayyyyy
*calms down*

Name: Kristella Wilson

Nick Name: Kris

Age: 26

Occupation: Docter

Biography: Kris was, like many other people, born and raised into the matrix, deceived into believing the world around her. She grew up normally, she had a loving and supporting family, went to school, stayed out of trouble. Kris wanted to be a docter all her life, and upon graduting college she immediatly took up the profession.

For a short two months she led a normal career. But then she was put in charge of a patient who was believed to be suffering from a severe mental condition. The young man was raving on and on about simulations and robots. He grabbed Kris by the collar one day, staring at her, "Its all a lie!" He had said, "Your life! Its not real! Don't believe it!"

She could never forget the unnerving stare he gave her. Even after her coworkers forced the man into releasing her, she couldn't shake the unbearable feeling of dread his words had given her. She left the room and locked herself in a bathroom stall, trying to calm down.

That was the last time she saw the man before he was carted off to the looney bin. Two weeks passed, and Kris never calmed down. She tried hard to convince herself that she was just being overly paranoid. She eventually turned to her memories of caring for the man, trying to find answers. Vaguely, she recounted something he was telling her as she was busy with paperwork about a person with answers, and where to find him.

Kris, desperate as she was for answers, sought out this person, and she took the red pill.


Job: Pilot

Hah, this girls name was originally Trinity in my game. :P
And also, probably a stupid question but if shes a pilot she wont get stuck having to drive the ship all the time and wont get any part of the action, right?
Because I need action :D
Aaaaand Ill shutup now.
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*hugs alexis and snowdrop* They're both so beautiful! And I am rather excited.

123 does our headshot have to be of a sim? Because I reformatted my PC, and lost my DVD-drive function, and now I can't reinstall my Sims game until I buy a new one or get this one working... :doh
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Default Maya
Real Name: Maya
Age: 26
Occupation: Mechanic
Biography: Maya was born outside of the Matrix, so she doesn’t know any other world than the real world, and she is immensely grateful for that. Though she has learned about the Matrix, she simply doesn’t fully comprehend it. Furthermore, though she doesn’t understand how a fake world can end a real life, she is fully aware of the fact that it can. She has lost both her parents and several comrades to the Matrix, and has vowed to do all that she can to help bring the Matrix down.

Through the years, she has worked hard to become a top rate mechanic, and she has also developed a near obsession with keeping the equipment in top form. This obsession stems from an incident on her first assignment when a seemingly minor detail was missed. The faulty element ended causing a cascade effect which killed the person in the Matrix, and Maya has never forgiven herself for that.


Job (optional): Mechanic, not running for higher.
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Awww *returns haylifers hugglyness*

Hii starphyre!! *hug* I almost named my girl Maya. Ive been having an obsession with that name lately.
#18 Old 16th Aug 2008 at 8:43 AM
*also returns Haylifer hugs* It's good to see you back for another HP. I'm really looking forward to this. It's good to see you here too snowdrop. I think Swifty was thinking of joining also, but he took a pesky vacation. XD

123, are you going to hold applications open longer? I really hope we get a bit more interest. Hidden Palace is famous. (Well if it's not it really should be). >>
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Good to see you too alexis
Swifty better join.....or Ill throw spoons at him.
You tell him that for me
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Real Name: Josephine Evans

Nick Name: Jo

Age: 20

Occupation: Writer

Biography: Jo was born On a side street outside the Matrix. Her mother abandoned her and this bloke called Charlie found her. He cared fro her as if she was his daughter but when she turned 13 he told her the truth. She ventured out to look for her mother and accidentaly stumbled in the Matrix. Scared and alone Jo decided to venture further ahead. She then found her mother who cared for her and she is living down the street from her mother now.


Job (optional): Pilot, not runnig for higher but if not able Operator

EDIT: When will we start?
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Is this still on or has it been canceled? I'm thinking maybe there's not enough interest. :/
#22 Old 17th Sep 2008 at 3:07 PM
If I joined would it make much of a difference?
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I don't think so. :S Something is berry wrong
17th Jan 2009 at 2:44 AM
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Real Name:Leslie Meckerson
Nick Name:Lessy
Biography:Leslie,AKA Lessy,is a 23 year old who is suspicious of everyday life.She found out about the Matrix by a few other companions and joined in.Her point is to survive and be the strongest one in the group.She is a bit clumsy at times but has great direction and teachign skills.She gets things quickly and consoles to the depressed or hurt.

My website.Please register!Off-topic talking on my website!

I'm back G's! "One More Time G" "AND I'M SOOOOO ANXIOUS"

............ xD
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