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Joséphine and César - de la Vallière suite

Joséphine hadn't realized just how little she truly understood her husband, or at least that part of him that handled his amorous liaisons, until prying the lid off Pandora's box and unleashing a host of consequences from its depths, consequences they both were currently attempting to seal back inside, to give each other the opportunity to deliver a honest explanation. Joséphine was no longer certain what she had expected to hear, or how she truly imagined the conversation would go: two scenarios had intruded in her imagination, one in which César confessed his mistake and another in which he admitted to loving her less. Now that they stood face to face, both clearly troubled and taken aback by each other's words, she realized it was never going to be that simple or straightforward, nor the solution easy to grasp. As long as they themselves weren't able to understand the other's thoughts and feelings on the matter, there would be no solution to be found, only a tangle of confusion and uncertainty.

Uncertainty was the dominant feeling within Joséphine at the moment: César's reassurance that his extra-marital encounters had nothing to do with her, or their relationship, and that he considered them separate matters, had shaken her beliefs to the core, confusing her feelings as well as her thoughts: on one hand, knowing he loved her was a great relief, on the other, knowing that it wasn't enough to be faithful caused fear to stir inside her again. One thing the young Marquise could tell for certain was that César hurt as much as she did, and understood, at last, how she felt about the whole matter. Against better judgement, she entertained the hope that this new insight would prevent him from pursuing other women again, though what Joséphine truly wished was for her husband to want to stay faithful, because he felt no need for a mistress and not because he knew he would hurt his wife. Any promises made then would be unfair to request, or even to expect, one's fundamental views could not shift so abruptly.

"But...", César began, apparently plagued by the same uncertainty she felt "Joséphine... I'm here. Don't you see that? I'm here, and I always have been."

Finding it further proof of how differently they viewed the matter, Joséphine suppressed a small sigh in the moment of silence that followed, before César added an afterthought:

"At least I've tried to be..."

He had been, Joséphine couldn't deny that. It only made the times when he hadn't been there more confusing and difficult to bear. She remained silent a while longer, attempting to sort out her thoughts and fashion a response that would offer a solution, of some sort. One thing was absolutely certain however: with a child most probably on the way, Joséphine's main focus shifted from her well being alone to that of her children: Adèle, Angélique and the baby needed a father.

“I think neither of us truly understood each other until now,” she said, lowering her gaze. “We both assumed things that were untrue, and they festered. I do not wish to make any more accusations, for I don't believe the blame was ever held by just one of us, and neither you nor I can foresee the future. What I wish for is a new beginning...”

Joséphine looked back at her husband:

“...If you do as well.”

((ooc: Atropa - Sorry if this is messy, or if the dialogue sucks, I was seriously lacking inspiration.

funheart - looks perfect now, she's been added to the list and I'll soon change the suites map too :jig: ))

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((ooc: Funheart, please clear out your PM box, there's an important message I'm sending out. Thanks ))

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Default Important Announcement!
To everyone,

After sending and receiving PMs to and from several of the members of the Viper's Nest RP, I've reached a conclusion. It pains me to say this, but the original feeling that the RP has simply lost its charm and appeal remains. What does a game which thrives on inspiration and creativity need to survive? Indeed, inspiration from its members, them wanting to be a part of it and feeling motivated to get their character out there, involved in an interesting and fun storyline that they don't have to constantly struggle for. It needs to be fun, and when it starts resembling a responsibility or chore we have to ask ourselves, is this what we want? Without the spark, it becomes stagnant, people raking their brains for ideas just to keep it afloat when their heart isn't really in it anymore and creativity isn't flowing.

I believe that is what is happening to the game right now. Everyone, myself included agreed that we all have very few to no ideas of how to continue the story, and even those ideas that exist are mere sparks with little flow or connection to the plotline as a whole. It would be darn near impossible to inspire and motivate ourselves that way even if we do end up writing a few isolated posts, not to mention help out those who are along for the ride without really knowing where to go.

I know most of you said you'd like to see Viper's Nest live, and I hate to disappoint everyone by saying that I do not see how that can happen under the current circumstances. It would have been great if that lost flow of inspiration and ideas returned, but let's face it, in the current situation there is little chance of that happening, considering we all aren't 'feeling' it anymore and we've expressed it. I for one do not wish to cling on to a dead RP which would end up being a larger effort and inspiration drain, or to modify so greatly that it no longer resembles the original game, and instead lay it to rest. Perhaps not forever. Perhaps in a while, someone will come up with fresh new plans and ideas and re-start it, in a similar format or entirely different, I do not know. It is simply what my decision as host is, right now.

I would also like to thank everyone who was involved, for the great times and inspiration, and hope you won't be too angry with me for this, or think I'm giving up without a fight, because I'm not. The fight has basically been going since long before I started hosting it, and I have tried my best. I also would like to stress the fact that nobody here should feel guilty - it wasn't anyone's fault in particular and I valued your help and input, but rather the consequences of a long string of events, such as abrupt leaves, people disappearing and, in the end, just the fact that all things have an end.



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I'm really sad to see this close, but considering I'm part of those who have expressed a general and personal creativity drain, I agree 100% with what you just said, Ghanima. We've all fought to keep this RP alive, you more than anyone, and I'd like to thank you for that, as would I like to thank everyone else for participating. It's been a really fun ride, and one of the best RPs I have ever been, as well as the one with what I believe the most potential. However, circumstances (people dropping out, hosts dropping it without much notice at all, etc) have proven detrimental in the long-run, and so at this point, I too feel the best thing to do is to just let go.

I've had a great time though, and so thank you to everyone who's ever been involved in this RP. It's been a great ride.

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It really is such a shame to see this RP close, it has such an original idea and vibe about it, but I do agree with Atropa and Ghanima that circumstances have made it difficult for this RP to survive and for that, I'm really sorry.

It's been an absolutely fantastic RP to be a part of an I too would like to thank everyone for that and also for fighting to keep this RP alive for this long. As sad as I am to see it go (and I won't say 'die' because as Ghanima said, I hope it revives), I do agree that it doesn't do it justice to drag things out at this given point.

Thank you to everyone for making it such a pleasure to be part of this RP, I do hope to RP with you all again, whether here or in another thread.


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I can't believe we're going to be gone! This really is one of the most fun ones I have ever been in, I've surprised myself with how attatched I've gotten to my little blonde Marquise! You guys have all been great to RP with and it's one of the first RPs that's actually made me type so much which was an awesome challenge really.

Although I do totally understand why we're having to let it go, that doesn;t make it any less sad. I'm going to miss you guys and I hope we can all do another one together again!

*hugs to all*


PS: We'll always have the Asylums, right Atropa?

EDIT: My historical hood went the way of the Dodo, so I'm remaking it. (Groans at the thought of all that work again....) Will def. be posting pictures of all the goodness on my LJ, an dI mgiht even take some shots of them modernized for shits and giggles :P)

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Oh dear.
I understand completely though, and though I'll be sad that I didn't get to get to know Brigitte, I know that things need to move on. I'll be very sad to see it go though.

*Hugs back to all*
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