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Default Misguided Angels [a blue bloods roleplay]
Misguided Angels

a blue bloods roleplay

After the battle with Lucifer, things have definately changed. Jack and Schuyler have continued their relationship around Europe to find the key to the Van Alen legacy, and find some new Euro Blue Bloods along the way; Mimi has been left wallowing after Kingsley's sacrifice, ever in New York City, and Bliss is struggling to figure out the prophecy that her mother has given her.

[Yes, I'm new, and the plot is short and all, but I believe that's enough.]

1. Don't join unless you've read the books.
2. Follow the general rules of the site.
3. Actually roleplay when you join.
4. You can curse, but please only use when necessary.
5. Please only be one character, for the sake of other members.
6. No limelighting, even if you are Schuyler Van Alen.
7. Your characters can hate each other with a bitter passion, but please be polite and respectful of other members.
9. You can RP as much as liked, but if someone asks to be caught up please be courteous and tell them what's going on.
10. HAVE FUN!! (:

Blue Blood, Conduit or Human:
Past Biography:
Anything Else:

Schuyler Van Alen:
Bliss Llewellyn:
Jack Force: winnie214
Mimi Force:
Allegra Van Alen:
Oliver Hazard-Perry:
Kingsley Martin:

Name: Benjamin (Jack) Force, Abbadon, Angel of Destruction
Age: 18
Blue Blood, Conduit or Human: Blue Blood
Past Biography: Jack and his sister Mimi, in their past lives, have been inseperable, and have done everything as one. They have bonded many times, but in this life things have changed. Schuyler Van Alen has come into his life as the daughter of the wonderous Gabrielle. There were to many secrets before, and now that everything has been released, things have changed. The bonding was the description of hell freezing over. Kingsley's sacrifice has left Mimi practically in ruins, never sending a letter or even calling when he could get a signal. She was continuing her normal life on the outside by herself, telling everyone at Duchesne that Jack had run off with Schuyler and that he had dropped out of high school. You could say he was heartbroken; not of love, but of the friendship that they had.
Appearance: see here
Anything Else: In a realtionship with Schuyler Van Alen.
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