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Default Robbin' Hood (Eco Lifestyle Required)
Your Sim has just moved into a new neighbourhood, into a small, unfurnished lot in fact. They have 0 Simoleons to their name after a rather complex trial involving a Cowplant that really really wasn't your fault. Then suddenly, the government crumbles, anarchy rages in the streets, everyone is out for themselves, while all you're trying to do is make a grilled cheese sandwich. Everything is free gain! You have one season to swipe everything you need to build a luxury fort from the nasty outside world, or will everyone steal your 'hard-earned' property instead? Only time will tell...

Welcome to my challenge Robbin' Hood!

Before you start this challenge, you may want to consider making a new save. The 'Sharing is Caring' Neighbourhood Action Plan is not known to discriminate...

So, what's this all about? Basically, move a Sim into a small, unfurnished lot. After that, it's time to vote! Activate the Neighbourhood Action Plan 'Sharing is Caring', (Gain influence by introducing yourself to your fellow competitor Sims) then once it's active, set your household funds to 0, then you have one season from the date you activated it to swipe everything you need to live. However! Other Sims can come into your home and steal your things, too!

To win, you must have the following items at the end of the season:
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Sofa
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Trash Can
  • Bath OR Shower
  • Bed (Double! You're a king!)
  • Table
  • Chairs (At least two!)
  • TV (You can't miss Judge Judy, you'll never live!)
  • Wall Decoration (At least one)
  • Lights (At least one for each room)

You can add more to this list for extra challenge, but this should be the bare basics. Let me know if I missed anything!

The Rules:
  1. No Locking Doors! You cannot stop other Sims from walking into your house, so no locking doors or building fences to stop them gaining entry.
  2. No Employment!: You cannot get a job to earn money throughout this challenge. Businesses have closed to prevent their own goods being stolen, so no work!
  3. No Community Lots!: The things you need to swipe must be in other Sims houses, not on a Community Lot. Even if the same doesn't apply to your... 'neighbours'...
  4. No Sending Away!: If a Sim comes knocking on your door, you can't ignore their request. Introduce yourself and cross your fingers they don't swipe anything.
  5. Selling Swiped Items!: You CAN sell swiped items to help you gain money to then buy whichever necessity you need, or to pay bills and munch food. If the item swiped was a necessity on the above list, however, you CANNOT sell it. You have to make do, or find a better item if the one you swiped is too cheap. (See next rule!) Dump it in the yard as bait if you like!
  6. No Cheapskates!: Any necessities you buy for your lot CANNOT be the cheapest item available. Do not just buy the cheapest bed or the cheapest fridge. You need something that stands the test of time! So aim for mid-tier to high-tier items!
  7. One Neighbourhood!: You cannot travel to other neighbourhoods outside your own to swipe items, even if that neighbourhood also has Sharing is Caring N.A.P activated. This is your town and your bed to lie in! Everything must take place on your own neighbourhood's turf.

And that's it, really! This is my first challenge so if there's anything I missed or if you have any further questions or pointers, feel free to let me know. Have 'fun'.

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can you dumpster dive?
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Originally Posted by tracip2003
can you dumpster dive?

Good question! I'll have to roll with no since I've seen how easily exploitable it is. Only robbing from other Sims' lots is allowed.

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