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Harry Potter RP (feel free to join)
This is a RP about Harry Potter. Please join, but if you want to please read all im saying. If you break the rules you will be given a mark, please read all about this "mark" in this topic.


You may pick enny of the Harry Potter characters, no "Own characters"

Professor Severus Snape (Slytherin) : Spyrohugs


No "God Modding".

Dont go to far with love, kissing is the farest you can go.

Dont play somone else's character.

The word "Fuck" is forbiden.

No spam.


Everytime you break the rules you will get a mark, getting 3 marks will make that you cant post in this topic ennymore.

strike one strike two your out

Entry form

If you want to enter please enter this form:

Class you teach (for teatchers):
Picture (only if you have one):


My entry:

Name: Severus Snape
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Class you teach: Potions (or Defence againts the dark arts)
House: Slytherin
Picture: http://sherlingtondunnen.deviantart...-Snape-56308399
Apearince: long black hear, dark eyes, black cloke
Info: Hates Harry Potter
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Spyrohugs - Welcome to the RP forums, it's always nice to have newcomers
I do have to point out that to establish an RP, you need to have been an active member at the forums for quite a while, and have participated in running RPs.
Also, it would be better to check if people are interested by posting in the RP planning thread and also reading the rules

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Thanks! Ill go Post in the planning RP, ive already read the rules
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Is this still active?

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pepper666 - If you look at the date of the last post before yours (which I recommend that everyone does when posting in a thread), you'll see that it was made over a year ago. There was also a big "Attention" at the bottom of the thread, where it said there had been no replies in over a year. So no, this RP is not active.

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