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Default Updated Serial Killer Challenge
Hey all! I have been on the hunt for a different kind of challenge to play - as I always tend to get bored of legacy or apocalypse challenges. During my hunt, I ran acrossThe Serial Killer Challenge by perihelion for The Sims 2.

So, I took it upon myself to revamp the rules for The Sims 4! Keep in mind that this challenge does not include any violence mods and is completely PG-13. I'd love to know what you think!

The Premise
Life is full of challenges. Some of these challenges help us grow up to become giving, loving people, and some of them might make us have issues trusting or disliking certain types of people as we grow older. Your sim has had someone in their past that made them have major issues with a certain subset of individuals. So much so that they have sworn to themselves to spend their adult life getting revenge for whatever wrongdoing haunts them. You’re not a violent person and the idea of bringing pain to another Sim is hard to swallow, but not feeding them for a while and leaving them vulnerable to the harsh elements is almost easy to justify…..

Setting up the Game

  • Pick the neighborhood of your choice with plenty of neighbors
    Create a young adult or adult Sim: This sim can have any look you want! Creepy and overweight, overly attractive and suave, male or female. Doesn’t matter. Serial killers come in many shapes and forms. You may want to give him/her/them some fun personality traits - for example my first killer was a cute nerdy girl with the traits of hot-headed and evil.
    Move your Sim into a premade house or an empty lot and build your own. Use the funds you’ve been given or cheat and make yourself the mansion of your dreams.
    Do not give your sim a roommate!
    Once you rack up some funds (you don't have to cheat, you can get your Sim a job if you want), you need to build your torture chamber. This should consist of a moderately large room. It could be a basement or separate building with a lockable door and no windows. Decorate the room to your liking. Line it with shelves like a storage room, give it more of a prison vibe with cells and cots, etc. The room should be big enough to contain several Sims at one time. You don't have to put a roof on it if it’s a separate building, you can leave it open to the elements. Use testingcheats on and bb.showhiddenobjects to add the cowplant for an extra treat.
    Once your dungeon of doom is built, it's time for your Sim to start his/her unofficial career as a serial killer. Use your charm to build relationships with your targets. This might be sims of a specific sex, age, look, etc. For example, my Sim has issues with attractive young adult and adult men after years of rejection - so that’s who she targets. You can either choose to invite said sim over right then, or wait for a better time and invite them over for a visit. When at your house, come up with a reason to take them to your secret hideaway and, quickly dash out and lock the door for only your sim, trapping the helpless Sim in the room. Then let your Sim happily go about their business - build some skills, play, maybe even go shopping! - while the trapped Sim slowly dies from need failure.
    If you have the cowplant in there, you may get lucky and the starving Sim will get eaten, providing your killer with some 'live long and prosper' juice.
    Once a victim has died, put their urn at the side of the room (or on a shelf) and go for the next victim. Make sure you set the door on the room to be open by you only unless you’re trying to lure someone else into their inevitable end.


Your victims must die on their own
You can trap multiple victims for bonus points
You can call neighbors and invite them over in order to trap them, you can also call over sims you may have met on other lots.
The challenge ends when your Sim dies of old age.

+30 for each neighbor your Sim traps
+20 for each NPC your Sim traps (this is a sim that isn’t a direct neighbor/lives in your current neighborhood)
+40 for neighbors/NPCs of the same family being trapped

+25 for each additional lured victim if multiple victims are in there at once
+30 for each victim eaten by the cowplant
+10 for each time a victim freezes solid
+20 for each time a victim suffers heatstroke
+40 for each victim struck by lightning
+30 if the victim is someone the killer was best friends with
+50 if the victim was the killer's crush
+70 if the victim woohooed with the killer at least once
+100 for each victim who becomes a ghost
+100 if your sim completes University while doing dastardly deeds
+100 if your sim reaches the top of a career path
+200 if your sim gets married and/or has children who never meet one of your victims

-30 for each victim that doesn’t match the normal targets’ description
-50 for each victim who escapes
-10 each time your killer's mood bar drops into red
-30 for each sim who declines a telephone invitation to come over
-30 for each potential victim you fail to trap
-50 if a romance goes bust
-100 for each urn broken
-100 if other eventual house member discovers dungeon of doom
-200 for family member who dies in dungeon of doom
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I'm going to start this challenge right now. Pretty, young, orphaned daughter of millionaires - time for her to start killing people that remind her of her mother, whilst working on her career as a horror writer. I'm already into this <333
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@ChaoticPastry - yessss!!! PLEASE keep me updated on how it's going!!!
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