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Originally Posted by simsample
Hi @Marcy Try dragging your C:\Users\bluef\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\DCBackup folder and C:\Users\bluef\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\DCCache folder to the desktop. Then run Launcher and install your Store content Sims3Packs again.

Oh my gosh this actually worked, thank you! I was really close to losing my mind, haha. I have to reinstall some CC but that I can deal with.

EDIT it only worked for one playthrough, it's back to all the store content being uninstalled not sure why this is happening, it's driving me nuts!

EDIT 2: In case anyone has the same issue, the simplest way I found to deal with the problem was to delete those 4 .cache files in the electronic arts folder (compositor, social, etc.) and then also the two files in the sigscache folder. I have to do it every time before I start the game but it's better than my last solution (delete the DCCache and backup folders and reinstall all my store content every single time).
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I have a Winterly update! For those of you who read this blog before, about 3-4 years ago I had an RLC blog that started off cute and without any real plot and got really weird and dramatic pretty fast. Also sorry for anyone that wants to re-read, I tried to edit (editing did not come to fruition though) some previous chapters and publish them again which completely messed up the order.

After 3 years here is my latest update!

2.47 The Return
2.48 Trust and Communication

Probably my longest chapter yet... totally unrelated question, has anyone had sims autonomously divorce? Mine just have
#16757 Old 11th Jul 2021 at 10:42 AM
Hello, For mixed single, how old does the adopted child have to be. Can you adopt a toddler or child or does it need to be an infant?, thanks
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Originally Posted by Skyegal19
Hello, For mixed single, how old does the adopted child have to be. Can you adopt a toddler or child or does it need to be an infant?, thanks

I think they can be any age. The rule says you could use a clone from the science centre instead of an adopted child, and if I remember right clones from the science centre come out at the child-stage anyways (the ones from the science machine come out as infants). I also remember reading someone's RLC blog where they "adopted" a teenaged sim for that requirement.

EDIT: Some more Winterly updates!
2.49 Melodrama
2.50 Out of Sorts
2.51 Not Every Plan Works Out
2.52 Dancin'
2.53 Just Apologise!

And after all these years, the beginning of generation 3: 3.1 A Place for You
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#16759 Old 13th Jul 2021 at 8:46 PM
Marcy is correct, the adopted child can be any age, and can be added to your active family with cheats if necessary.

Cool, the Winterleys are back! No pun intended. I'll have re-read some to refresh my memory.
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Not sure if anyone remembers, but I was also doing an asylum challenge. I actually finished it yesterday, so I'm trying to write the final updates. Here's the first new chapter:

Chapter 10 Creepy Florence

A Winterly update:

3.2 No Grudges
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So as some of you may remember, in 2018 I started another blog for a family called the Silverlys. I didn't update it for a long time- published a few chapters last year, then gave up again. The past two weeks I've pumped out a bunch of chapters to catch up to where I am in game, so if anyone's interested, here's the first chapter I published this month and the most recent one:

2.10 Remind Me

4.9 Honeymoon
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Hi! At the beginning of last year I started this blog, a mix of random legacy and nothing is free challenge. After ten months I went back to playing and writing this story.
This is the real first chapter of 2nd gen.

2.1 Something in the Water
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Hello everyone, another strange game issue. I have finally replaced my laptop and I'm in the process of transferring my sims stuff to the new computer. But the sims 3 store's website just won't open for me. I live in the EU. Are any of you having the same issue?

EDIT: It suddenly started working again for me, thank goodness!
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