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Pregnant Sim Stuck in Hospital?
Short story: So I've been waiting a few Sim days for a pregnant Sim to come out of the hospital, but she seems to be stuck. I tried resetting both Sims but then they disappear from the game. Any idea how to get her out?

Long story:
-Europa and Rogelio were living on my lot when she got pregnant with twins.
-They moved out with Candlefoot, Jack, & $1,000,000.
-Almost immediately Candlefoot & Jack moved out.
-For some reason Europa & Rogelio became homeless. (Even though they have $431,000.)
-My Sim was standing around when Europa went into labour, & took her to the hospital.
-After 8 hours my Sim was starving so I cancelled out the hospital thing.
-I know they're still in the hospital because I checked with the NRaaS.

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Check out igazor's comments in this thread, it might be of help to you (another problem pregnancy).
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If I'm following this story correctly (and forgive me if I got lost back there someplace), I would say part or all of this game session needs to be replayed. Homeless sims shouldn't be pregnant and they shouldn't be able to give birth because the homeless "household" consists of non-residents and is not equipped to handle babies or toddlers. I'm kind of unclear on how these sims were moved out and why they don't have their own household, though.

Any MC command on sims can be run from City Hall or an in-game computer by filtering to the sim you wanted to run it on. Let's skip over the mention of MC v51 since the current version for current patch levels is v133, so am not quite sure where that was coming from unless someone is quoting website pages from 2010.
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21st Feb 2017 at 4:36 PM
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Originally Posted by XXS
Yes, I was quoting from an old post in 2011 (just looked it up) which I didn't realise at the time but it's still good to know that Master Controller has the capability of resetting lots and recovering sims if it comes down to that. I wouldn't know regarding the versions because I haven't played Sims 3 for a while and like to play without mods and CC as much as possible. I'll edit my post to remove that bit then.

Oh, you're one of "those." You can just see yourself out, then.

Just kidding of course, but I'm occasionally surprised to find players who don't use or only use severely limited amounts of mods or CC hanging out on a site called "Mod the Sims." Must be our dynamic and irresistible personalities that draw them all in.
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Originally Posted by igazor
Must be our dynamic and irresistible personalities that draw them all in.

you should know better - it's the cookie! (and we're the lie )

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The solution:
I used Master Controller to add the lost Sims back into the Candlefoot-Jack household. Then I reset the mother & left her alone to give birth in the house (ignoring that tempting 'Take me to the Hospital' button). She had triplets, very lovely, had to modify the house to make sure there were enough dbl-beds and cribs. Thanx everyone!

The long boring stuff:
-TBPH I'm not sure how they become homeless:
-Way back when I did the "Kick out" interaction from the Cellphone for the 4 Sims. They all moved into 66 Sand Road with their $1,000,000.
-Right after that Candlefoot & Jack moved to 61 Sand Road, then moved again to 67 Golf View Road.
-There was also a notice that Europa & Rogelio's abode was being audited, so I put two cribs on that lot.
-I didn't get any further notifications so I assumed E&R were still at 66 Sand Road.
-E&R got stuck in the Lucky Palms hospital.
-That's when I realized with NRaaS that they were considered "Homeless" or "Homeless Vagrant".
-I had tried resetting the mother once but then she disappeared from the game-world, which concerned me so I quit.
-I couldn't evict the household because they had no lot. Again, the homeless thing which is unexplainable.

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