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The Quest To Find This Staircase!
Hi I have been having trouble finding a staircase that's why I started this Thread.
So this is not just a normal staircase here is a reference picture which is the staircase I'm looking for!

This is the one I'm looking for so it would make me happy if you could help me find this.

Thank you and lets get to the bottom of this.
P.S. FOR THE SIMS 3!... ok bye for real now
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That's the grand staircase from the Titanic, isn't it? You can get the cupid and the wall deco from DOT at TSR. But as for the staircase itself you'll have to improvise I think.
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Maybe you should try posting this in the 'Where can I find?' forum. But I'm not sure if such a staircase exists in the Sims.
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Can't find stuff in build and buy mode?
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Originally Posted by tizerist

Thank you for finding this you helped me so much! :D
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