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Houses placing wrong
Hi all, I went back to Sims3 from Sims4 as i seem be able to do more in 3. Anyway, I am trying to place a custom content house on a lot but, it keeps putting it on the lot sideways. How do I fix this. I have tried turning them and it won't turn it half a turn it only turns it all the way so that it is still sideways. I have the cheat codes, to snap and unsnap but, they don't seem to work. When i hit ctrl +shift+c then type the command, it does't seem to work. Please help.
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When that happens, it usually means that the lot's dimensions aren't big enough to accommodate the house in that orientation; like a 25x50 lot and a 30x25 house.
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It may also be that the lot front is set incorrectly. After you place your lot correctly, you can turn on TCE, then Ctrl-Shift-click on the border of the lot you'd want to be the new front (near the middle, just to be sure) and click on 'Set Front of Lot'. This should take care of any issues regarding incorrect assignment (like sims entering through the wrong side).

I'd also enable buydebug and check if the lot has any spawners, which can be duplicated when rotating the lot. I've recently placed a lot with a pond and a fishing spawner on it, and after rotating it I discovered that the spawner had been duplicated: one was in the correct spot in the pond, while the other was in the previous spot the pond had been in prior to rotating the lot.

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