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Default Setting separates for multiple categories
Hi I play a medieval game and most of my lower classes wear Almighty Hat's bottom only dresses I've been trying to set them to appear as everyday, formal, gym and outer wear in SimPE by changing the code to 0x00001227 (which is working for fullbody outfits) but they are still not showing, is there something extra I need to be changing for separates?
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I think they only show in CAS and in the wardrobe selection after they've been bought (as long as you have at least one top/bottom for that age/gender, so remember to buy tops too). They don't normally show in the buy menu for other categories than Everyday.

Have you tried buying them as everyday and then changing the clothes on a sim with the wardrobe? They should show when you click the Separates icons.

I read Pescado's clothing tool may be able to show the separates for the proper categories, but I haven't tried so don't quote me on that.
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Thank you all sorted
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