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Default CC makeup (blush) sort order

How would one go about changing the order the custom makeup is displayed? Package file name, or SimPE values like "text lists", BINX "sortindex", texture overlay "bin" & "category" & "name" do not seem to be relevant. Any ideas?

(On the image - say if I wanted to move the "eyebag" CC away from between the freckles CC [row 1, item 5])

I don't make CC myself, so perhaps I've missed something obvious
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Pretty sure it's the "sortindex" because it decides clothes, hair, accessories, and several other things.

Be aware that the Sortindex is in Hex numbers (0-9 and A-F), and the numbers are probably very switched up since everything is by different creators.

With a completely empty Downloads/SavedSims folder, and nothing else messing about with this value, it starts at the first number available up from whichever is the highest of all the EAxis CAS content. It adds one number for each item made. If you add CC, Bodyshop always start from the lowest available number after the highest number previously used. I don't think it cares much which item this number belongs to what, it only searches for BINX references it can find, and finds the highest number. The sorting goes from the lowest to the highest number, so the item with the highest number is the first one in the list, and the lowest number is the one furthest back (closest to the EAxis items).

Say you have only three CC files with the sortindexes listed below:
Then Bodyshop would recognize 213A as the highest used number, and use the next number up (213B) for the next file made in Bodyshop. AF3 would be closer to the maxis items than the other two.

If you remove files with the highest number and later add them back, you'll often find there's overlap in the sorting. I did that with some of my older recolor sets, and it created a lot of mess...
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Oh shoot, I suppose the reverse order threw me off, you're right! Thank you so much for the swift response!
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