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Default How to make a skintone preview collage?
I've recently been going through my skin sets and I want to pull all the face images out and make a collage so that I can geneticize them. The image I want to create is something like this:

Is the only way to export one image at a time? I've been doing that, but I think it'll take me HOURS and I still need to label them all for clarity. I tried the 'scan' tool to see if that would help expedite things... but there wasn't a good way to save just the images.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I usually do it with SimPE.
Copy filename, open file, find face file TXTR, click Export and paste in the name you copied (so you know which skin it is), and repeat with the rest of the files.

Once you know where you have to click and get into a rhythm, you can probably export from around 1-5 skins in a minute. It's absolutely the fastest method.

If you have all the skins as separate projects in Bodyshop already, you can find the texture files in those project files, if you've labeled them well enough.
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