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Default WCIF basegame counter matching cupboards?
Looked around, can't find something like this anywhere.
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I googled "sims 2 cupboards" and this was the first result I got, so maybe try Google too next time, just to make sure you've covered all bases? and this is the second set:

The same search brought up this, too:

Mutske at T$R also has a bunch of them, but I have a feeling someone did an overhaul at some point. If so I can't remember where, though.
Here's some of the sets:
(there's more if you browse through here - I think Mutske covered most of the kitchen sets: )

They all seem to be repo'd to the original meshes, and they can most likely be used together.
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You can also get those oven hoods with built-in smoke alarm.
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Thank you!! I thought I googled but maybe I hadn't. Much appreciated.
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