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Default Favorite Neighborhood(s) Pics & Discussions
Share some pictures from your favorite neighborhood(s) here. It doesn't have to be anything beautiful---it just has to be your favorite and share why it is special to you.
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Darn, nobody has posted yet! I love seeing other people's neighborhoods, please post! lol I even started a topic on another forum, and no one has posted their neighborhood yet.

I have some pics:
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I know it's tacky to post on your own post, but here I go. No one else has really posted here yet (except jasumi)-I thought having a picture might raise interest

This is a picture from my favorite neighborhood, Ladordale, (pronounced like Ladder-dale) and it's my favorite because it's modern, clean, and GREEN. It's new so the houses posted above are about all there is there now, but that is quickly changing.
I just learned how to use image hosting
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Darn, we need some people in here.....
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How do you post pictures here on MTS2? All I get is a red x
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I don´t think it is tacky to post in your own thread, too bad that you didn´t post more pics ... I´ll show you what I mean

This is my hood, Rose Brook

as you see I fail completely, when it comes to decorate with anything but rocks and trees ... I could really need some help *LOL*

My Downtown, Rose Harbor

My University, Rose Lake

Asian Vacation Hood

Tropical Vacation Hood

Mountain Vacation Hood

as you can see ... rocks and trees rules in my hoods :D

raynuss: I don´t know where or how you upload your pics, I use photobucket and I copy the "IMG Code" directly into the textbox.

And finally I just want to say that it is a great idea with this group
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Jeeze! How many cool neighborhoods do you have Mizz Rose Bud? They look great. I don't have the patience to make custom sub-hoods like those *whoa*
I can never manage to make desert and dirt neighborhoods look any good, you did a great job!
I'll post more pictures of Ladordale when I find the time to register on photobucket (dislike imageshack), I also need to take more pictures...
Keep up the good work :D
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Those look great. I move way to slow. I'm not even done with my main hood yet
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I would really like to show you some pictures. But I'm a perfectionist, so I never have enough patience to create a whole (good) neighborhood. Though I would like to try right now, but with the Sims3 coming soon I do not always see the use of it (or how ever you say that in English).
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Originally Posted by raynuss
How do you post pictures here on MTS2? All I get is a red x

Raynuss, to show your own images at a post at MTS you can:
1- Use Modyourpanties or other image host, click on the ''Insert image'' button above the post box and type in your image URL.
2- Use ''Manage attachments'' (below, at additional options ) and upload your images.
If this does not work, post it at ''Site questions and Issues'' forum and you'll get an answer quickly.

Humble Way
1 Humble Way-2 Humble Way-3 Humble Way-Humble Way Apartment Complex-Humble Way Spa
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