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Default What do you do with the Cordials and Roths?
Especially for those of you who play megahoods, where the originals might run into their alter-egos? Do you see them as distinct Sims or incorporate the Goths or Pleasants into their stories?
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It kinda annoyed me a little bit with the Sims being so similar to each other, but after playing and them going different paths in life to their alter egos, it didn't seem boring and they didn't seem so much like clones. Except Alexander Goth and Xander Roth... They both went to them same fraternity, studying the same thing, same aspiration etc... But now Xander resides in Riverblossom as an architect and Alexander is navigating his way through a failed marriage and his natural science job.

The Roth's had another daughter, Kayla. Sandra Roth met Dustin Broke and helped him turn his life around, whereas Angela always encouraged his bad boy side, so soon enough they broke things off and Sandra and Dustin got together, she encouraged him to go to college and followed him shortly after. They married and have struggled with infertility for years. They adopted a teen girl and her son, and it turned out that the teen was actually Dustin's biological daughter (with Angela). Sandra is currently pregnant. Alexander just finished college and married the love of his life Sally Riley. Kayla is a teenager but can't wait to run off to college because she's incredibly tired of her parents horrible marriage - they cheat on each other constantly but stay together "for the kids". I'm thinking they might divorce once Kayla goes off to college, Morty is currently seeing a few other Sims, one of whom wants to marry him before he passes away.

Samantha and Kimberly Cordial had more interesting lives.
Kimberly found herself pregnant after woohooing Carlos Contender. She had twin boys ; Samuel and Daniel. Samantha helped her raise them through their toddler years, but when they became children she moved out and into her boyfriend Armand's house. They got married and Samantha suffered a few miscarriages before having quads - Beaumont, Bobby, Belle and Barbie. Armand wanted more children but because of all the miscarriages Samantha had previously she was hesitant and told him no. They divorced shortly after (Armand went on to have 4 children with Dina Caliente and 2 with Trina Dalton) and Samantha moved out, and found out she was pregnant. She had her fifth child, Malory and raised her on her own. She has regular contact with her quads but Malory has never met her father. She currently lives in Desiderata Valley in a cute beach cottage.
When Kim's twin boys were teens, Kim remarried General Buzz Grunt and had twins with him, Marge and Chopper. Buzz was deployed to a secret base in Strangetown often during the twins early childhood, but has since returned. They still live in the original Cordial house. Samuel and Daniel have recently moved out.

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I let them rot.

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one of the Cordial sisters starts out knowing Connor Weir; I do not remember which. I would pair that sister with him.
would probably pair the other sister with Geoff Rutherford.

Sandra Roth; would pair her with Jacob Martin.
Xander Roth; would probably pair him with Sharla Ottomas.
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I killed them all because I wanted their houses.

All the hoods are merely the same, so I made ones where all the Sims aren't straight.
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I have probably played the Cordial sisters exactly one time, and that was right after I installed Apartment Life for the first time several years ago. I don't remember much about the experience beyond fiddling with the witch stuff and noticing that they're just like Lilith and Angela.

More interestingly, The Roths actually are in my Megahood currently and they have grown in very different directions. Stella loathed her hackneyed, low-key existence as Mrs. Roth, Morty's wife, Sandra/Xander's mom, what have you, and quickly became quite the socialite all across the cities of Riverblossom Hills, Bluewater Village, Pleasantview, and Strangetown. She's had two high profile affairs in her life, one with Gilbert Jacquet, the entrepeneur, and with Don Lothario, owner of the Casa Casanova Casino in Pleasantview. She ended those affairs upon aging into an elder though. Now she's content to host huge parties at Roth Manor where she entertains all of her famous friends and shows off her kids' accomplishments.

Morty was devoted to his family until the day he died. He was always present throughout his daughter's pregnancies and was always available to lend a hand around the house. Sandra's sons will always remember him as their favorite grandfather. Xander is still not over his passing.

Sandra went to Sim State University with Jules, Jacob, and a slew of Pleasantview kids. She formed bitter rivalries with Jules, Jacob, and Jacob's then-girlfriend Lilith Pleasant, and somewhere along the line, found that she was single, Dirk Dreamer was single, and something just clicked. The two have been inseparable since then and married after Sandra's graduation. They have two sons, Liam and Ezra, whom Sandra raises as a stay-at-home mother while Dirk works as a business tycoon.

Xander went through a long and arduous bout of depression after Morty died. He was in college then, and sought out love from anybody who would give him the time of day. He was strung along by both Tessa Ramirez and Lucy Burb, then turned away abruptly when he attempted commitment with either of them, which only exacerbated his sadness. Then he met Ophelia Nigmos, the first student to enroll from Strangetown, and he loved her immediately. She shared his commitment to family and mutual respect, and she was pregnant before she completed her degree. She finished college, married Xander, and gave birth to fraternal twins, Everett and Sidonia Roth.

Stella loves being a grandmother, just don't ever call her "grandmother" unless you want your ear tugged something fierce.

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They are part of the reason why I play Megahoods instead of Uberhoods - I don't want the Roths and Goths, and the Cordials and Pleasants to mix!
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Yeah wasn't a fan of the fact that they were basically the Not!Goths and Not!Pleasant Twins. it's too self-referencing for my tastes. I already have the Goths and the Pleasants, I, personally don't need them with again with slightly different names and hair colours.

And that trend only got worse with Sims 3 and 4 where every other family seemed to be a reference to either an older Premade family (The Frio Brothers, the Pancakes etc) or to a sitcom. I mean I know the Goths were a sort-of reference to the Addams Family, but it was very subtle, unlike stuff like Gobias Koffi or the New Girl Household in Sims 4.

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Take them on their own merits. Ages and ages ago, Maxis Taste did a premade challenge thing for photos of one sim through the age groups, and I picked Sandra Roth. I don't remember all of it, but I remember deciding Stella'd pushed her into being a child beauty pageant contestant. By adulthood, I figured she'd rebelled against all of that from her mom, from needing the most popular boy at school and the newest glamor, and had her be a reclusive writer with a cat. I keep that characterization of her in mind, that for her, rebellion is turning her back on the world of fame and glamor. Not that she'll necessarily be single her whole life, but that, as a family sim, her hopes and dreams ought to be very different from her popularity sim mother's, even though her early training was as a ego boost for her mother.

Most recent uberhood, Stella turned out to be a sociopath. No interest in anyone except if she can use them. Post divorce--no interest in Sandra or Xander. The Adventurer career in my game is generally the diplomat's career. A diplomat is a very different thing from a scientist. Morty's very quietly . . . secretly . . . Ambassador of SimNation to the Plantsims. Had Stella realized . . . but Morty's really good at secrets. Compared to Mortimer, who invented Elixir of Life, which, when used incorrectly, killed his brother-in-law Michael . . . there's just not much similarity there. They probably meet at a political dinner once and laugh about mothers with old-fashioned tastes in names, and what a coincidence! All the possible names in the world, and there are two Jennifers (Burb and Smith), two Mortimers (Goth and Roth) two Samanthas (Ottomas and Cordial), two Herberts (Oldie and Goodie), and four Alexander/as (Goth, Roth, Roth, Tetherton or O'Mackey). Mortimer Goth is famous for his catastrophic invention and his missing wife. Morty Roth may one day be famous, perhaps even Prime Minister. One never knows with those Ambassadorial sorts. Or die horribly, sometimes they do that, too. Once he fell hard for Ophelia Nigmos, which was a very interesting twist. For Ophelia, it made sense, as Morty would take her far from Strangetown (climate, distance, Riverblossom is anti-Strangetown) and all she had to do was be a good hostess: compared to placating Olive and her hordes of ghosts, simplicity itself. And of course, there's no explaining love, though fortunately for all Sandra was nearly in college when Morty and Ophelia married, so she didn't have to live with her very young step-mother long enough to conflict. I sometimes change Sandra and Xander's names to their ancestors names: their ancestors have much more interesting names. The same-name thing was definitely Stella's doing. (I have one real friend whose entire family is named 'John' in different languages. In their case, it actually works, because the name has mutated so much over languages and genders, she was both shocked and pleased that I realized what they'd done, most folks don't--and both she and her husband are 'John's.)

The Cordials, first one has to decide if one wishes to play them as witches. I played them as schoolmarms once, that worked quite well: one took the younger ladies and the other the older young ladies. They're set up for one or both to fall in love with Armand DeBateau, does one want to fall into that? Or give them more options in life? Unlike the Pleasant girls, they get along, and one hasn't got to play them as coming from such a dysfunctional family. As knowledge sims, perhaps they'd fall in with the Curious-Smith clan. Gabriel Green might catch one sister's eye, especially at the pet park? Have they career goals to pursue, or is knowledge for the sake of knowledge what they seek? There are enough single male knowledge sims in game, they have myriad dating options with potential for good chemistry. Perhaps Mortimer Goth might fall for another raven-haired beauty . . . but did she fall for him or for his scientific knowledge and connections?

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The Cordial sisters are sharing a one-bedroom apartment while they try to find husbands and/or save up enough money to buy houses for themselves after I rather unhelpfully took away pretty much all their money beyond what they needed for their first week's rent, and gave them a high-interest loan jar to furnish the place (I did this to everyone in the Cove; it wasn't just some special punishment for the Cordials). I'm playing Belladonna Cove as a single hood, so they'll never meet the Pleasants.

I have the Roths in both my megahood and my separate Nuclear Winter hood. In the megahood, Stella Roth has left Morty, who is getting along very well with Alexandra Teatherton. Sandra will be marrying Jacob Martin and inheriting her Great-Aunt Betty's house - the one Jacob is already living in with his dad, so the Martins won't be made homeless when Betty dies. Xander will inherit the current Roth house.

In the Nuclear Winter hood, Stella has delusions of grandeur now that the Hills is cut off, but Alexandra Teatherton and Cyd Roseland are more practical, with military experience behind them (Cyd is cast as a disabled war vet, and Porthos as his service dog). If Cyd and Alexandra get together, Stella won't have a chance...but I'm leaving that up to them.
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Originally Posted by omglo
Especially for those of you who play megahoods, where the originals might run into their alter-egos? Do you see them as distinct Sims or incorporate the Goths or Pleasants into their stories?

Well, for starters, I divorced Morty and Stella, got him and my OC sim married. Fast forward a couple days, they have a baby.

Now, after 30+ days. They have 4 kids and 1 Grandchild. YAY!

It's going to be a successful lineage of witches, warlocks, werewolves, and vampires!

I never did play the Cordials.

I just said "FXCK em"
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In my Ubber hood, I moved the Cordials into a large house to run the orphanage.
The Roth's I just added to normal rotation.

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Kimberley Cordial left her dream of becoming a witch the second she smooshed Armand DeBateau thanks to ACR autonomically on an outing to the crypt club in Downtown; they married shortly after and have a daughter, Morgaine. They live together with Tara and her fiancée Tiffany Samspon in a huge mansion above Belladonna Cove. I think currently they are trying for a second kid.

Kimberley is the only one of all staying faithfull to her neighbourhood; her sister Samantha and the Roths all moved to Strangetown. Samatha, the good witch, moved their because of the cute scientist named Vidcund, who she met through friends; they are married as well and live with his alien son Quasar and their son Uranos at the town border, probably having science vs. magic debates over family dinner.

The Roths moved because they seemed bored in Riverblossom hills. They had a friendly divorce due to low chemistry and the fact that Stella fell head over heels for the widower next door, General Buzz. She got married to said neighbour and together they have a daugther, Peggy, currently a teen. Morty on the other hand found joy in all the cactii and succulents in his huge garden, and has a girlfriend now - the one and only Bella Goth. They won't marry, but I like the overlap of original Goth and Not!Goth.
Sandra moved back to her dad's after finishing college and brought Matthew Hart, now Matthew Roth, along. They quickly had a kid and she is pregnant with kid number 2. Her little brother Xander studies biology at Sim State and lives in a frat house. I get the impression that he is very happy with the garden there, just like his das back home.

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I haven't bothered with Belladonna Cove. I do have Riverblossom Hills and Pleasantview in my megahood though and I don't know (just started really) what i'm going to do with the Roth family yet. I haven't gotten to them at all yet but I will. The Goths, well Bella is back and remarried to Mortimer. Don married Cassandra but is a cheater, and a gold digger apparently. Don and Cass moved out into their own home. Who knows what will happen there. I'll probably have them have a kid or 2, Cass finds out he's a cheater, they divorce, have her find someone better. Who knows what will become of Alex yet. Bella doesn't know it yet, but she's pregnant by Mortimer already! So, i've just begun lol.

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Since Riverblossom Hills has different seasons than the other neighborhoods, I plan on playing Riverblossom as being far away from the others, so the Roths will not know the Goths or the Pleasants (the last time I played a megahood I didn't really mess with Riverblossom that much, but now I'm trying to get to know it better). The Calientes however will be known to the Riverblossom residents because they go there to flee law enforcement when it is learned that they were responsible for Bella's disappearance. I'm going to create a separate Downtown called Capital City that will have will be closer to Riverblossom (and will be home to some really prominent Sims).
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I've never been a fan of megahoods... I personally prefer keeping the neighborhoods separate from one another since there will be too many sims to play, and I like the established neighborhood pairings. I couldn't imagine Angela Pleasant being interested in someone like Tybalt Capp. I've never played the Cordials before, but they're on my list.

The Roths though? They actually became a favorite of mine, especially in my first Riverblossom Hills playthrough. The Roths to me don't feel like a clone of the Goths. To me they feel more reminiscent of the Burbs. The Goths have no other family outside their house, and they've been well established in Pleasantview for generations. The Roths were a transplant family brought to Riverblossom Hills by the patriarch because he thought it was a good place to raise a family, while his wife feels trapped and lonely in a place that feels too small for her (at least that's the vibe I get from the Burbs initially). Morty is busy with his career and putting down roots, Sandra and Xander have already adjusted, and Stella is still struggling to make a life for herself. This is where their story began for me.

Morty continues to climb the ranks in his career, getting more and more thrilling adventures, chance cards, and bonuses that fuels their lavish lifestyle. He tries everything he can to make Stella comfortable and happy in their house-- he gives her control over large sections of the budget to redecorate and bring some high society into their home, but it's still just a gilded cage. She starts getting out of the house more, trying to make friends, but there aren't many sims around who can relate to her former life in the city. Everyone is either a farmer, a plantsim, or very slow and elderly. That is, until she meets Kevin Bruty, a coworker at her job. For some reason, they click instantly. Every social interaction goes positively, and pretty soon they're close friends. Sandra, meanwhile, is doing everything she can to be a good girlfriend to Jacob Martin, and realizes that her best option is to make nice with Jules O'Mackey. The three actually end up getting along pretty well, and Sandra is spending more and more time away from home and out at the roller rink with her new friend group. Despite this, however, Jacob eventually starts falling for Jules again, and Sandra is unlucky enough to catching them together one night, and immediately burns both bridges and focuses on befriending other kids at school to rebuild her shattered social life. Stella, meanwhile, starts getting wants to flirt with Kevin, and the two begin having an affair. They're constantly on "dates" around town, mostly frequenting the park and the local boutique to avoid anyone becoming suspicious of her. He's also interested in astronomy and introduces her to his hobby, stargazing. Morty starts to feel like Stella is slipping away from him, and starts making an effort to spend more time with her. He takes her on dates and nights out on the town, which is slowly starting to become more cosmopolitan, and Stella starts to realize that she still has Morty in her life and he does truly love her, but she still loves Kevin. Xander meanwhile is getting into video games, and manages to grow close with Sharla Ottomas, a new kid in town. Sandra starts to find more friends, and makes a best friend out of Elizabeth Fuchs. Both of these friends eventually become lovers. Stella's love affair, however, is starting to set off alarms around town. People are starting to gossip. It's only a matter of time before she's found out, and any hope she has of becoming established in this small town will be destroyed. She starts spending more and more time on the rooftop of the mansion, looking up at the stars, wishing for an escape. Then, one morning, Morty finds that Stella's not sleeping next to him. In fact, she's nowhere to be found. Nobody knows where she went. There were no witnesses. The only clue Morty has is the telescope. Bolstered by his career as an adventurer, he becomes determined to meet aliens to see if they had anything to do with her disappearance, to the detriment of himself. He neglects his family and his career out of guilt, feeling he wasn't doing enough to make Stella feel content in this small town. Xander starts to spend less and less time with his family, already feeling distant from his father now that his mother is gone. Sandra however, ever the family sim, tries to care for her aging father as she climbs the ranks in the law career, even forgoing college to keep him from wasting away. Elizabeth starts joining her in helping out, and Morty approves of the two, especially since Elizabeth puts their old greenhouse to good use and makes lovely flower bouquets on the side. Xander eventually moves in with Sharla at university, and loses contact with his father, only keeping a close bond with his sister. He and Sharla eventually move into a house near the mansion, and have two kids, boy Cassidy and girl Abigail. Sandra and Elizabeth eventually marry and adopt a baby girl, Risa. Morty eventually meets aliens but gleans no new information on his wife, and so tries to remake his life with what little time he has left in his old age. Retirement allows him to get into his hobby of tinkering more, and he manages to restore his first car before passing away of old age. Kevin Bruty ends up fathering a child with Daisy Greenman, and gets accidentally eaten by her cowplant.

To this day, they're still one of my favorite families to play!
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