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Default WCIF these things
There are some things I've been trying to find without much luck. The first thing is a rose accessory for hair or a hair that's decorated with roses; I had one once but I lost it and I don't remember where it came from, so anyone know where to find some good ones?

The second thing is chain necklaces for both men and women. I'm trying to find ones that lok find of like these

The last thing is this hair:
These pics are from sims 2, but someone converted it for sims 3. Can anyone tell me where to find it?
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Not a rose crown, just like a rose on the side of the head
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Flowers hair accessory by Jennisims: http://jennisimsunanuevaexperiencia...-steampunk.html Download link: (it's the posy one)
Flower accessories by Lemonleaf: (thanks to marydehoyos for the folder)
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