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Default Import .obj clothing to a body?
So I have seen some clothing like this:
which is basically an .obj mesh imported to a body
I was wondering how can I import xnalara .obj clothes from some characters into sims 2.
These characters clothes have been converted into sims 4 but the process to make sims 4 clothes into 2 is kinda tedious and I was wondering if there's another way to import these clothes, maybe just for fun and personal use only. Thanks in advice
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The process of converting an obj into a bodymesh is much like converting a 3t2 or 4t2 mesh, because you need to add a skeleton and bone assignments to the mesh to make it animate, which is easiest done by using some of the tools that the 3t2/4t2 tutorials provide. They basically tell you how to convert an Obj mesh to TS2, so those are pretty much what you need.

Depending on the mesh, it is difficult to say whether you'll get the best result starting with the original Obj or the already converted one, but (if the Obj doesn't already have a T-pose) the converted one will have a skeleton you can manipulate in Blender, so you can get the pose right for TS2 before exporting.
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