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Default Wanting advice about purchasing new laptop
I've run into an issue with my current laptop and have been thinking about upgrading for a while. I've decided to go all out instead of the cheapest one that I've done in the past.
IdeaPad Gaming 3i 15" - 10th Gen Intel is the one I'm thinking of getting to run my game. 5GHZ processor 1TB storage 16GB RAM etc.
would this or something similar be suitable for Sims or plain overkill?
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Well, I am looking for something with 32GB RAM, amongst other specs, but that's overkill for some. But depending on which version of the Sims you're running, the RAM matters. I tried running Sonic Forces on Bessie II and would EVERY TIME! slide into the pit and would have to try again! Because of lag, keep RAM in mind.

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