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Default Luxor - Egyptian Metropolis (remade)
Hi! I always wanted to create an Egyptian city full of skyscrapers and ancient temples. The previous version had lots of issues and wasn't good enough, so I started from stratch. And I'd love to hear your feedback.

-There will be NO CC
-All EP’s (except Pets), All SP’s
-No store content, but I'm thinking about releasing an option includes casinos.
-Will be populated
-Marked as city, which means no wildlife, and different work hours.

Transportation: There are no seperate islands, all lands are connected with bridges. Also I placed subway stations to specific areas, making it easier to fast travel.
Lots: 120 lots total, some of them are marked as hidden tombs (actually, hidden subways :D). There are Late night clubs, high-rise apartments, Showtime venues, four ports, two houseboats (one residental, one Dive Bar), a fire station, consignment store, many parks and hangouts, university coffeehouses, a bowling-bar, an arcade, and a festival lot with a showtime stage. And of course, regular homes and apartments. Plus, Sims version of Luxor Museum. There will be explorable temples and a pyramid, so any suggestions for tomb building are greatly appreciated. :D
Routing: To avoid graphical issues, I marked the terrain as unroutable under the elevated train bridge. Tested it several times, it didn't cause any issues.
Spawners: All rock/gem/metal, seed, bug and fish spawners. Includes WA spawners too, but Egypt spawners only. I didn't place any Island Paradise spawners (yet).

Pictures: (don't know how to make spoiler tag, sorry)

The express train is a replacement of steam train, only specific to this world. No mods needed for it, but I couldn't find a way to disable the steam. So I'll include a steam-disabler mod when uploading this.

Credits and huge thanks to:
Simsample - for all tutorials
Nilxis - for tutorials, textures and being an inspiration
Potato-ballad-sims - for tutorials and being an inspiration
Martine - for textures
Cmmoney - tutorial for mesh replacement in Blender
Crowkeeper - for plant recolors
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I actually like this and everyone on MTS knows by now I'm the biggest critic of Egyptian things... but I must ask why'd you use the bridgeport NYC theme shells instead of creating your own? These shells make the world feel more American than Egyptian.

Here are things I do like about it. The monorail, the expressway, the world layout, and the width of the Nile is much better and realistic than the Nile EA tried to make which should make for proper boat usage.

No ego trips, no gimmicks

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Thank you so much, HarVee. Actually I was afraid to build more than 5 levels, last time when I tried that my game froze. In addition, I wanted to give the city a Late-Night plus World Adventures vibe, and used almost all EP's feature.
And I must say that there are many real-life cities that inspired me for building this, even some cities not located in Egypt. It's mainly based on Luxor (of course) and Cairo, also Alexandria for some areas. For Downtown, I wanted to give it a Vegas and NYC vibe.
Real-life Luxor doesn't have sea, but I wanted to include some Island Paradise features as well. There's a marina section, inspired by Sharm el Sheikh and Marmaris, Turkey.
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this looks really great. Any news on when it will be available?
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Many thanks! I'm still working on it, but I'll try to finish it as quick as possible.
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Love the vibe! It might be an option to use CASTable shells or retextures, these buildings will always have a mainly American vibe but a different colour palette and some better materials will go a long way.

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