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Default Manterniteen clothes (TM pregnant morphs)
I know there are some hacks that allow male teens to get pregnant, but I don't know of any TM clothing with pregnant morphs. Does any exist?

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This was surprisingly hard to find considering, yes, there are a few mods that let teen males get pregnant. So if I see more, I'll try to post again, but for now, here's what I found:
Chris Hatch has a default nude teen mesh replacement with preg morphs for male and female teens here (there's also a version with sexy feet here)

Then Jawusa has some in this set and I think this set

There's also a few things with preg morphs in AdmiralAeris' Garden of Shadows 2010 Secret Santa Gift to HermioneORourke. It's a little tricky, though--basically if the adult male mesh had a preg morph, then the teen conversion should, too. So for sure the Fanseelamb conversions should have preg morphs, since Fanseelamb mentioned them on the original upload, but for the other stuff, you'll have to open up SimPE and check.

And speaking of Fanseelamb, the TM hospital gown had the preg morph fixed here

So yeah, that's it for now. The way I found some of these was by going to sites like Garden of Shadows and searching for preg morh, but obviously that's time consuming so, like I said, I'll keep an eye out and if I see more things, I'll post again.

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