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No Remorse For the Wicked
Author's Note: Story is also available HERE .

Darkness. Infinite darkness surrounding me...Then all of the sudden…

Where am I? This … This place seems like a field. Yep, it’s a field alright, but on Earth am I doing here? I might as well have a look round.

Good. A city. I hope it’s not as far as it seems. Either way, I have to get there somehow. I see a road but no cars…. Even if there were I’m not sure anybody would have the courage to stop and help me – they’d probably take me for one of those people who rob drivers on abandoned roads in the middle of nowhere, even though I’m dressed quite formally. And going down that slope is out of the question – I could easily break my neck even without those stilettos. I do hope there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to why I wake up in the middle of a field wearing an evening dress and high heels. A dirty evening dress, that is.

What have I been doing last night? Hmm, that’s weird I can’t seem to recollect anything… at all. Not even for the week before… I… I must’ve fallen and bumped my head… yeah, that must be it – plus, it could explain my awful headache, the dirt on my dress… but it will all come back to me in a while… right? Anyway, no time to ponder over that right now. Better get going. Let’s see… nope, no roads in sight…Oh, well, guess I’ll be stick with walking. It can’t be that far.

- It’s all done, sir.
- All done you say? Excellent!

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Default No Remorse For the Wicked Ch.1

Well, turns out it really is further than I expected. I’ve walked for what seemed like an hour - I haven’t got a watch so it could’ve been more or less. Anyway, now I’m nearing what seems like a populated area. There’s only one girl here. Maybe she’d be kind enough to give me directions to a hotel… oh, wait… I’ve got no money. Great! What do I do now? Maybe they have some sort of facility to take homeless people in for a night. There’s only one way to find out. Here goes nothing…

- Excuse me, I seem to be lost and I was wondering if you could help me.
- Yes, what is it?
- Well, I’ve just arrived here and I’ve lost my wallet so could you please point me to a place I could spend the night?
- Hmmm, let me see… You say you’ve lost your wallet right? Maybe you should go to the police station. Do you know where 8th Avenue is?
- No, I’m afraid.
- It’s very close to the bus station.
- I-I arrived by car so…
- Oh, I see. Well, it’s pretty close to where I live so I could walk you there.
- That would be very nice of you.
- Okay then, this way…By the way, my name is Elisa, Elisa Palmer.
- Oh, I’m…

- I’m Dunstan, Hope Dunstan. Nice to meet you. *Great, now I’ve done it! A fake identity. I could get arrested for this…It’s too late to worry now.* Umm, is the police station too far away?
- No, it’s a few blocks away from here.
- That’s good. *Good?!? It’s awful, that girl might have believed me but how am I going to take someone else’s identity? I don’t even remember my own ID number. God, please help me! What have I gotten myself into?*

- Here we are, St. Claire’s police department. You just have to go in and ask on the Information board.
- Okay. – I’m so doomed. I’ll get arrested at best.
- You seem nervous. I could go with you if you like.
- You’d… I mean that would be great.*I’ve got nothing else to loose anyway.*
(An hour later)

- I’m sorry, Miss Dunstan, but I can’t seem to find you in our database. Are you sure you don’t remember your ID number?
- Yes, unfortunately.
- In that case, I’m afraid I can’t be of assistance. You might want to come back tomorrow and check our record, since it’s not available until 9a.m.
- I see. Have a nice day.
- Goodbye.
(Outside the Police)
- So what will you do now? Have you got anywhere to stay?
- It was Elisa right? I’m afraid not. They said the building which offers rooms to homeless people over the night is full. And worst of all, I have not a single cent on me. Guess I’ll have to sleep in the park.
- Not if I can help it. You see, I’m renting a studio nearby. It’s not big but you could stay there if you want.
- Really? This is so generous of you. Thank you so much.
- Don’t mention it. Let’s go. You’ve had quite a day, you must be exhausted.

- Well, this is it. My roommate moved out couple of days ago so you can take her bed. Oh, and the bathroom is the second door to the right.
- Thank you very much.

- I almost forgot – you hungry? I’m starving. Such a bad day at work. I’ll make us something to eat. Want a sandwich?
- That would be nice. Need some help?
- No, I’m a big girl I can make a sandwich.
- Okay then. So where do you work, Elisa?
- Oh, at “Big Mick’s Diner” – it’s not much but it pays the bills while I’m studying.
- What are you studying?
- Medicine, I want to be a surgeon someday.
- That’s very noble. You’ll be saving lives.
- If I ever graduate, that is. My grades have been slipping up lately...

Anyway, enough about me. Why did you come to St. Claire?
- Well, I don’t know to be honest. Guess I needed a change.
- I see. Where did you used to live?
- In LA. *One lie after another! Way to go!*
- Really? I’ve heard LA was sooo out-of-this-world. Why would anybody not want to live that city?
- Well, not all that glitters is gold, you know. LA has its downsides, too. *It must be true. But have I ever been to LA? This memory of mine sure takes a lot of time to recover.*
- I guess you have a point. Oh, look at the time! I’m such a chatterbox – I’ve kept you up till 2a.m. I’m so sorry. You’re so tired and it must be hard to cope with me and my curiosity.
- Not at all, Elisa.
- Call me Lizzy. We’d better be heading to bed now. That lady at the police said you need to go there at 9a.m right? I leave for work at 8. We could go together.
- Sounds good.
- Okay than. Goodnight, Hope.
- Goodnight, El - I mean Lizzy.

I feel awful for lying to Lizzy. She’s so kind-hearted, took me in her home even though we’re complete strangers. But I have no choice. I can’t just tell her: “I don’t know where I am, I have no idea how I ended up here, nor do I know what my own name is.” She’d think I’m psycho. It’s not what troubles me though. My memory… it’s still so hazy and it shows no signs of coming back anytime soon… I’d better remembered everything till tomorrow morning, or else I’ll be in a big mess. Let’s see if a good night’s sleep will help shed some light on the situation…

I won't be impressed with technology until I can download food.
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Default No Remorse For The Wicked Ch. 2
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