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Default How to change the GUID of objects in SimPE?
I have figured out which (very old) objects that possibly conflict with the GUIDs of some Maxis objects (i.e. not being able to place those Maxis objects on the lot) and excluded them from my Downloads folder. However, I want to change the GUIDs of those CCs for personal use.

Can you guide me on how to do that?
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Go to the "Object Data (OBJD)" resource.
(if there are multiple, cross-check with the MMAT before you do anything - the base OBJD/GUID is the one that matches the GUID line in the MMAT. Another way to know is that the extra OBJDs tend to not have categories ticked or prices updated, and tend to have numbers at the end of the names, but CC items don't always follow that example. Often but not always, the main GUID will have the lowest number).

See here for a few methods on how to generate a new GUID:
(If the item has multiple OBJDs, it can be an idea to generate a new GUID, and then use the next numbers up for the same item. Using the lowest number for the new GUID and doing the rest in sequence is a good way to remember which is which, if you ever find yourself wanting to clone a CC item)

You paste the new GUID number in the box directly to the left of the "Get GUID" line in the OBJD. Don't do anything to the boxes below, leave those alone.

If there's just one OBJD in the file, tick the "update MMATs", then "Commit", and now you can continue working on the file or save.

If there are multiple OBJDs, tick the "update MMATs" ONLY for the OBJD you identified as the main one, then hit "Commit", then give new GUIDs to the other OBJDs without ticking the MMAT box, "Commit" after each change, and now you can continue working on the file or save.

If there isn't a MMAT in the file, you don't need to worry about ticking the MMAT box, because the file isn't recolorable (it's either a repo'd mesh or non-recolorable item).
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@simmer22: Thanks for the reply, but it still looks complicated to me (but it must be noted that English isn't my first language).
So I've identified the "Base GUID", which is the file marked in blue:
The GUID sequence goes from 0x002F62C9, followed by 0x002F62CA to 0x....F. So in this case, should I only change the last two bytes, and can they be in a random order?
Should I just leave alone those "orig. GUID" and "fallback GUID"?
And should I also modify the GUIDs of the recolors from that mesh?
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Looks like the "get guid" button isn't there in your version of SimPE. Iit's the box that just says GUID (between the "update" and "Commit" buttons). Ignore the others below.

In your case here I'd completely randomize a new GUID number for the first OBJD (the one that matches the MMAT), do "update MMAT" for that one, and then count one number up at the end for the rest of them (don't tick "mmat" for any of those).

And just a reminder, but when you change GUIDs for an object, existing recolors will stop working, but it is fixable. If the object has separate recolors, make sure to copy/paste the GUID from the main OBJD to the GUID line in the MMATs in the recolor files (make sure you put it in the right spot if there are multiple MMATs, as some objects can be linked to more than one item).
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@simmer22 & @HugeLunatic : So I've randomized a complete new GUID, in this case "0xAEA2A431". Do you mean indeed that I should count up to 0xAEA2A437?

In my version of SimPE, the checkbox says "update all MMATs". Nevertheless, should I tick it for the first OBJD? I want to make sure that "update all MMATs" doesn't mean applying it to other OBJD files.
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That's what I meant by counting up from the number you got, so you can do that

Tick it for the first OBJD, yes (follow directions above on how to figure out which is the main one).

The "Update all MMATs" button updates the GUID number for all the MMATs in the file when you tick the box and click update. The number will be the one for that particular OBJD.

(Simply said) the MMATs in a file is the resource that decides which object a recolor belongs to, so you'll want to make sure the MMAT points to the correct GUID/OBJD. If it points to one of the wrong GUIDs (if you've done "update MMATs" to one of the other OBJDs, or not updated the MMATs), recolors won't show up.
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